Tuesday, May 10, 2011

101 in 1001 Update

I'm SO BAD about posting updates on this, which is sad since I'm supposed to blog like once a month about my progress on my list. For those new to reading my blog, back in November I created a 101 in 1001 list (click here to view it). It's 101 things I want to do/complete in the next 1001 days. I started on November 30, 2010 and have until August 29, 2013. I know, I know. I still have over two years, but, I don't want to be like I was, I mean, some people were, in college and wait until the last minute to try and finish a project. ;) Just as an FYI, you can always find the list via the header at the top of my page. I try and update it as soon as I complete (or start) a task. I'll try and be better about blogging at least once a month about my progress!!

Completed tasks (since my last update):

#28. Carpool to work 2 times a week for 3 months. I've actually done better than this. I've been carpooling for over three month. There are three of us in the carpool and we drive in together Monday-Thursday. Two of us are off early most Fridays, so we don't carpool that day. It's really nice only have to drive every two weeks. It has saved A LOT on gas money!

#39. Check out job postings in other departments, preferably the public relations department. I have been doing this on a monthly basis. Unfortunately we don't have many new job openings right now. I'm not saying I'm not happy in my current work position (I love my department and my boss is the best), but I'm always looking at opportunities to advance! And if I could write again, I would love that. It would be nice to use my Communications degree!! ;)

#42. File away old jobs at least once a month. We recently went "paperless" on most of our jobs so I no longer have a mountain of paperwork to file each month. **insert happy dance here**

#62. No video, computer or iPhone games for seven consecutive days. Okay, after I got over my Angry Birds addiction (don't get me wrong, I still like it, I'm just not playing it every day anymore), this wasn't that hard to complete. I might have even gone two weeks without playing. I rarely play computer games (maybe an occasional game of Spider Solitaire) and I don't own video games. This was really more for iPhone related games, I just wanted to include all kinds!

#79. Give a generous tip for a job well done (either at a restaurant, hair salon or nail salon). Two weeks ago a friend and I ate at Uno Chicago Grill in Fort Worth. The poor kid who was our waiter had to put up with me and my friend debating like 20 minutes over the menu (and we asked A LOT of questions). I had never been there, I needed to be sure I knew what I was ordering. :) There was a TV with the Rangers game on right in front of us (you know where my attention was- not the menu- so every time he came by I was like, "I'm sorry, I haven't looked yet"). He thought our comments about the game were funny though (they weren't that busy so he came by our table a lot). Then after the game he was nice enough to put on the closed captioning on the TV so we could at least read what was being said during post game interviews (they aren't allowed to turn up the volume). He made sure we had plenty of Dr Pepper throughout our meal (which in itself is a reason for good tip). So, I left him a pretty good tip, he deserved it!

#91. Go a week without complaining in traffic. You know, I didn't specify that I had to be driving while I was in traffic. On weeks I don't drive the carpool, I don't complain at all! ;) 

#95. Be in bed before 10pm every night for a week. A few weeks ago, I was pretty much asleep by 9:30 every night (granted, I wasn't feeling good, but still, I was in bed early that week!) 

#96. Watch a sunrise. I woke up extra early one morning and couldn't get back to sleep, so I watched the sunrise from my apartment window.

#97. Watch a sunset. A few weeks ago we were having awful thunderstorms/tornadoes watches, etc. One of those days, late in the day, the sun came out. I watched the sunset from my living room. The sky looked so pretty. I wish I had thought to take a picture! :)

In-Progress tasks (since my last update):

#17. Go through my closet once a year and donate clothes to Mission Arlington (1/3). About two months ago, I filled up 4 bags of clothes/shoes to donate to Mission Arlington. And yes, I used that as an excuse to go clothes shopping! :)

#47. Go for a walk 20 times (6/20). I've found myself doing this more often than I thought, I probably could have made it 40 times (but I'm not changing it). :)

#50. Eat at 10 restaurants in Dallas/Fort Worth I've never been to before (1/10). I've already mentioned it, but I went to Uno Chicago Grill in Fort Worth a few weeks ago. I know it's not a "Dallas only" restaurant, BUT it's the only location in the state of Texas! :)

#51. Learn to cook 10 new meals (that don't include the microwave) (1/10). I made chicken spaghetti a while back (maybe two months ago). It was pretty good! I love pasta....yummy!

#60. Create 3 new craft projects that aren't scrapbooking related (2/3). At Christmas, I made a tissue box cover for a friend. And at Mother's Day, I made a "brag book" for my mom, sister and niece. 

Tissue box cover 

Brag book I made for my mom for Mother's Day. I used layouts found here and inserted pictures of my great-nephews in them. I then pasted them on 4X6 index cards and punched holes in the top and put ribbon through it. I made a similar one for my sister and niece!  
Just a sample of what the inside pages looked like. Top is pictures of C and E. Bottom is pictures of G and B.
#71. Make a donation to a different charity twice a year (1/6). I've actually already made two donations, but they were both to C.J. Wilson's Children's Charity. I'll make a donation to another charity before the end of the year! :)

With C.J. Wilson at his charity event a few weeks ago. I made the picture black and white because I looked so pastely-white next to a very tan C.J.
#72. Send 10 snail mail letters to friends/family (not including holidays or birthday) (1/10). I mailed a "thinking of you" card to a friend not to long ago.

So, that is my latest update. I promise to be better about keeping you up-to-date. As always, check my progress here

I know that I'll be able to mark a few more off my list after my friend Katie's Texas visit next week! We have a road trip planned, as well as some museum visits (and we are going to try out some local restaurants). Wahoo!!

Have a great day! XOXO!!


  1. You're making good progress! And you'll make even more next week! (Holy cow, I can't believe it's next week!!!!!) You'll at least knock out the Eiffel Tower. We might have time to hit up Eisenhower's house in Denison that day. You're the itinerary queen, so you can figure that out. :)

  2. Great list! and I have to say, just because you complete one (i'm thinking of the "go for 20 walks" item), doesn't mean you can't still have it be a new routine in your life if you like it! Keep it up!

  3. OIII! I need to be in bed for 10PM every night!! How good did you feel afterwards? I stay up til 1, 2, 3am almost every single night.

    And, as a waitress - I can tell you that you most definitely made your servers night. So many people underestimate tipping...Here in Massachusetts, waitress minimum wage is $2.63. All I am saving up for is my wedding, but I work with women who are supporting 2, 3 and 4 children off their tips alone. Obviously it's out of anyones budget to be overzealous every time you go out...but I agree, with a job well done - PAY IT FORWARD! ;D

  4. I agree with Ky, but I like knowing that my tip is going to go to the server I'm tipping - not into a pool to socialistically be divided equally among all servers, those good and those rotten.

    Looks like you're doing pretty well on your goals list. I think that's what wrong with me. I need a goals list.

    You've inspired me, Rachel! :-)

  5. I really want to do this- I love the satisfaction of checking things off a list;-) I think ill make my husband do it too- or maybe just not yelling in traffic! ha