Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings...

Thank you to everyone who sent me sweet messages/tweets after my rough day yesterday. I am doing  much better today!  XOXO!

I wanted to start my post today by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my BFF Mandy! We have been friends for almost 23 years (I still can't believe it's been that long). I was going through a box of  crap junk stuff not too long ago and found all the letters she wrote me in college. Oh yes, real letters. I moved away to go to college so we went from being able to see/talk to each other every day to maybe seeing each other a few times a semester. My freshman year and part of my sophomore year we rotated weeks writing to each other. She would write me one week, and I would call her when I got the letter, and vice-versa. This was back before email was so "popular" (oh yes, I'm that old!) ;) I'm so glad we were able to do that. I loved going back and re-reading some of the stuff we had talked about WAY BACK then (oh the things that seem so "important" to you at 18- **sigh**). I was able to see her last weekend when I went to her baby shower. Since we don't live close to each other anymore, we only see each other a few times a year. But, it seems whenever we get together, it's like no time has passed between our visits. We have SO many memories together, and I'm looking forward to many more! Happy birthday Mandy- Love you! R.E.W.R. (she will be the only person who understands that!) :)

Halloween 1991- our third Halloween to go trick or treating together

At her wedding in 2004

A few years ago in Austin

At her baby shower. Yes, I posted this one Monday too. :)

Okay, moving on for now. So, after forgetting the earphones to my iPod at work yesterday, I had to listen to a CD driving to work today. I know, how "caveman-ish" of me to actually listen to a CD- who does that anymore? ;) I honestly don't keep many in my car, but I found one of my CD books in the backseat. I have no clue how long it's been there because I honestly didn't even know I had it, I just happened to find it  (which is a miracle in itself since my truck is so messy- getting off track, that is a story for another day). So, after flipping through a few pages I found my Matchbox 20 Yourself or Someone Like You CD. I forgot how good that CD was! It took me WAY BACK (it came out either my senior year of high school or my freshman year of college). I forgot that I pretty much like all the songs on it.

 I had to share a few videos from Matchbox 20. Man, I LOVE Rob Thomas' voice!!



  1. I still use CDs in the car! My iPod adapter has been broken for a while, and I'm too lazy to get it fixed or buy a new one, so it's been CDs for me. :)

    I'm so ready for baseball season! Glad I have you to keep up with how many days left so I don't have to! LOL

  2. I am not the biggest fan of baseball, but spring training games are so much fun so I am looking forward to that for sure! And I love Matchbox 20- they need to come out with more songs!

  3. Ok, not to be Mr. Negativity but, why did leaving your headphones at work mean you had to listen to a cd?

    Please tell me you don't drive with your headphones on.

    Ok, back to positivity...BFFs are the bestest =]

  4. My iPod is a dinosaur and the battery won't stay on long enough unless it is plugged in at home, not even the car charger, especially if it is cold.

    I listen to CD's all the time still, but mixed that I put together myself.

    Glad you were able to get all nostalgic with Matchbox 20!

    Happy Birthday to Mandy, what a celebration that you have been friends for that long.