Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Prizes, Snow and Ice (oh my!)

First of all, I want to thank my good friend Lindsay over at Little Thoughts by LT for my awesome new calendar that she made me! She had a contest on her blog last week and I was one of the winners. It arrived today! Go check her out, she is awesome!! Ask her about her Etsy shop!

My new calendar- I love it!

So last week I told y'all that I won a prize via Twitter from Master Card (go here to read about that). I got it in the mail on Friday! It was Rangers stuff! Yes, little things get me excited, I can't help it. I have a new shirt to wear on Opening Day (which is 80 days away by the way!) ;)

My new Rangers shirt and DVD, courtesy of Master Card.

I mentioned yesterday that we had some snow and ice in the Dallas area. For all of you up north who are experiencing a lot of snow, bear with me. Any amount of snow gets Texans excited.

Snow from my balcony
It snowed for a few hours on Sunday (and they were nice big snowflakes too). Seeing that the temperatures had been in the 60s all week, it didn't really stick. By the end of the day, most of it had melted.

Enjoying a cup of hot chocolate while watching the snow from my bedroom window.

Unfortunately when the snow melted it formed into ice over night. I woke up yesterday to find that all the roads I take to get to work were shut down due to ice or  major wrecks. I waited until about 11 to go in to work.

These were the steps leading up to my apartment yesterday morning. That white isn't the light reflecting, it's ice. They are normally brown steps (they are made out of this rocky material and are VERY slippery when covered in ice. I found that out the hard way a few years ago.)

Ice ice baby

So, while listening to Last.fm today (I love that site!) I heard Lonestar's song, "Mr. Mom". I hadn't heard it in years, but I remember how much I liked it. I know that a lot of my sweet followers are moms, so I thought you might like this song/video!! :) Again, if you don't like country music, just bear with me, it's a really cute song!!

Hope everyone is having a great week!! :)


  1. Yay. I can't wait to get my calendar. She is so creative!
    Little things excite me too! :-)

  2. I'll have to check out that app, thanks for letting me know about it! I can't believe it's snowing down there, that's nuts! We sipped on some hot chocolate today too after playing in that white stuff. Hope you stayed warm and safe! Be careful! BJ

  3. i know...i think i would scream for snow flurries right now:) we're still wearing bathing suits but today is pretty cold for us! i love hot cocoa!:) nice shot btw:) your fab! congrats on winning some good stuff! hope your having a better week than i....:) muahhh

  4. Ok! If you like snow then you can have all of ours!! We probably have about 3ft on the ground. When I stand beside the snowbank that we have where we shovel our sidewalks it's now over my head and I'm 6'2".

  5. What a sweet prize! Congrats again! Glad you've made it out and about safely. :)

  6. Wow- I need some of your luck! Congrats on winning all those prizes! And snow- yay! I know I already told you I am jealous but just in case you were wondering if I still am...yes.

  7. Your prize is awesome! That's so neat that you won!

    I remember snow in Texas and the ice would be unreal. I lived there (Plano) in 3rd and 4th grade and my Dad used to have to go out and break up the ice on the pool with a baseball bat. Crazy.