Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday 13- What I Love About Winter

13 Things I Love About Winter

1. The ever changing Texas weather. Here is our current 7 day forecast. No snow or ice predicted  with the cold front that hits Monday night (but then again, last year a few days before the Great Snow of OH-TEN they weren't predicting snow either). :)

2. Drinking hot chocolate. I'm not usually a fan of hot drinks. I don't like coffee and I only drink hot tea when I'm sick, BUT when it's cold (remember "cold" to me is anything below 60 degrees), I enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. With marshmallows of course!

 3. Going to hockey games. Granted, all hockey games in Texas are played inside, but still, I think of cold when I think of hockey (duh). And trust me, there are many times that the temperature inside the American Airlines Center is way colder than it is outside! I love Texas! :)

Ice skating with my friends Beks and Monica after a meet and greet with Stars players last year.

4. Snuggies. I got a Snuggie last year for Christmas. I'll be honest, when they first came out, I thought they looked ridiculous. BUT, I love it! I wear it a lot when I'm reading (or watching a movie). It's perfect!

This was taken Christmas morning last year (forgive my appearance, I had just woken up). Me (wearing my Snuggie) reading to my great-nephew "C". He looks so tiny here! He's almost 2 and a half now.

5. The possibility of an ice/snow day and not having to go to work. It doesn't happen every year, but in Texas if there is more than an inch or two of ice on the roads, the town shuts down. We can't handle it. I kid you not, if there is "ice" in the forecast, people start collecting food and supplies like it was Y2K. Oh I'm very serious. It's funny!

6. Cute winter outfits. Tights, jeans, boots, bulky sweaters. I especially like the bulky sweaters (they hide any "holiday weight" that I may or may not have put on!) ;) No one can tell the difference!

7. Being able to "accessorize" with scarves and hats. A stylish hat can cover up a bad hair day in the wintertime! My sweet friend Jeanne knitted me a hat and scarf this year. I don't have a picture of it with me right now, but I'll have to take one and post it! I also had another friend knit me a hat (my friends are so talented). Click here to see that picture!

Me and my friend Aimee on New Year's Eve a few years ago.

8. The Super Bowl. Yes, baseball is my first love, but I also like football. No matter who is playing in the Super Bowl, it's something I look forward to. FYI, I'm still looking for a ticket to the Super Bowl this year (since it's being played here in the Metroplex). If I don't get a ticket, I'll be attending a party somewhere! I love watching the game (and the commercials!)

A few of my favorite Super Bowl commercials.

9. Decorating for Christmas. I know the holidays are over, but as I've mentioned before, I love Christmastime and decorating for it. It was depressing taking down my decorations last weekend!

10. Not needing an excuse to be lazy. When it's cold outside, nothing beats staying home and watching a movie or reading a good book. (Ever notice how people always say they like to "read a good book". No one ever puts that they would like to "read a bad book" or "read a mediocre book". Sorry, got sidetracked for a moment! ;)

11. Homemade chili. Whenever I go to my folks during the winter (sometimes even early fall), I request that they make chili. It's sooooo good. I should get the recipe and post it for y'all, it's awesome!

My dad's homemade chili. You have every right to be jealous! It's delicious!

12. Fuzzy socks. My feet get cold very easily. I love putting on a pair of fuzzy socks to keep them warm.

13. Going to the Rangers Fanfest and starting the countdown to Opening Day. 85 days and counting  until Opening Day on April 1 (I'll wait until after the Super Bowl to put the countdown widget on my blog!) ;) Fanfest is going to be in two weeks. Yippee!

I recently rediscovered the drink Fresca. I used to drink this a lot when I was younger. I hadn't had one in years. I bought some at the store last week. For my Thirsty Thursday, I think I'll enjoy a refreshing Fresca! It has no calories!! :)


  1. I'm with you. There's lots to look forward to in Winter--including warm socks. Happy 2011!

  2. I had to read number 5 to mu husband. We go to school in a town (Laramie, WY) that gets below -25 about once a year and I grew up in a town that got 48 inches of snow last Christmas (Lead, SD) and was up and running two days later. We both want to move to WA state (the desert part) some day...

    Happy TT

  3. LOVE this post! Here from FTLOB!! Now a follower! can't wait to read more!


  4. Love this post! AZ has been unseasonably cold this winter, so I have actually been able to enjoy some of these things this season! YAY!

    To answer your question about Lost...we just watched all 7 seasons over the summer and the show had already ended. So, a guy on the radio was talking about it and totally gave the whole ending away as far as when they are in the church, so I was prepared but still had alot of questions I felt were unanswered. I dunno...I could talk about that show for days if I could remember it better! ha

  5. My favorite Super Bowl commercial ever was a fed ex commercial where they had just a test pattern because someone didn't Fed Ex the commercial. It was great. Good list, Happy TT.

  6. Sometimes a book will seem like a good book until you start it, and then it's really a mediocre book in disguise!

    I think it's funny that under 60 is cold. When I left my house today, it was 19 degrees, and I was grateful that we're not having a cold spell. :) I hate the cold weather.

    Go Red Wings! ;) And thanks for the well wishes on twitter and my blog.... I'm on lots of meds, so I should feel better soon!

  7. Fresca??? I didn't know they still made Fresca! :)

    We are supposed to get snow on Monday/Tuesday...I'm noticing that the forecasters are very hesitant to say how much...after our Christmas dusting turned into almost 6inches, I think they are a bit guarded. This system is traveling the same track as the last one...we shall see if we get it or not! Where I live in NC, sometimes we don't get the snow. It's a strange phenomenon!

    Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!

  8. First of all I love me some scarves! I have entire shoe holder FULL of scarves :)

    Second of all you are adorable!

    Third of all, you would freeze to death in Minnesota!

    Fourth of all, I think about you EVERY time I place an order with Mary Kay :)))

    Fifth of all I love my snuggie! I think they are ridiculous too, but I love mine! Lol!

  9. Thanks for the follow, I'm doing the same in return. I noticed we like a lot of the same things! I am looking forward to reading more. BJ @DATssocute

  10. I used to think Snuggies were ridiculous too. Now I wish I had invented them!

  11. I like the 'an excuse to be lazy'. That's what I like about winter too! There's no outdoor work to do, for it's all covered in feet of snow! Your temperature chart isn't winter, my friend. It's autumn. Winter is -20 degrees. LOL And thanks for reminding me of Fresca. I haven't had it in a long time, but I love the clean taste! Have a nice evening.

  12. I live in Texas too, and your list was great. They are predicting a few reallly cold days next week, and thinking about the things you listed made me smile and get past my grumpiness about being cold. I was raised in South Dakota... now those winters were COLD, but as kids we thought they were great fun! :-)

  13. Great post!.. I love winters too, but that's only because I live in Miami and we don't have to deal with the snow and ice.. Today its in the 50s and I love it!


  14. C'mon ice storm!!! Monday sounds like a perfect day to sit at home, in a Snuggie, drinking hot chocolate, eating chili, wearin' fuzzy socks!! :)

  15. I love that less than 60 is cold to you. :) Of course, anything over 80 is hot to me, and that's probably a nice day in TX. haha