Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What I'm Loving Wednesday

One of these weeks I'm going to post on a day OTHER than Wednesday. I'm not even lying when I say that EVERY DAY this month I have some kind of plans. My day planner has never looked so full. Lol.

I'm loving...

That I finally went to a Rangers game with my sister Mary. We've been trying to go for about four years now and it FINALLYworked out that she was in town during baseball season WHILE the Rangers were in town. We had fun! It also worked out that it was Texas Tech night at the Ballpark that night. Both of her sons go to Texas Tech. Well, they graduate next weekend (one from undergraduate school and one from law school). We got special Rangers caps with the Texas Tech logo on them (which are being given to my loving nephews as their graduation presents). While we were sitting in the lower concourse area, I thought I saw Kliff Kingsbury (the Texas Tech football coach) walk by. Turns out, he WAS walking by (so of course, I went over to get a photo). I'm sure this shocks you! :)

Me and my sis showing off our new caps. Well, they were ours for about five minutes until my nephews texted that they wanted them. I'm such a loving aunt to give mine up. :)

Me and Coach K. Yes, I am aware that he is a beautiful man
I'm loving...

That I finally met my great-niece L. She is the daughter of my niece Naomi. She just turned one a few months and this was the first chance I've had to meet her. She was a little unsure of the strange lady who kept taking her picture, but she eventually warmed up to me. :)

I'm loving...

That I was able to celebrate with my niece Lydia at her college graduation last weekend! I"m so proud of her! I also go to see Lydia's two sisters Rebecca and Naomi AND Rebecca's son J. I haven't seen J in two years- he's getting so big! He wasn't as willing to take pictures like Miss L. Lol.

With the college graduate!

He wanted nothing to do with the picture taking. Lol
My beautiful nieces!
I'm loving...

That I got to tailgate with my Rangers Twitter family on Saturday. Words cannot describe how much these people mean to me! I love them so much!

Jim Knox from Fox Sports Southwest stopped by to film our tailgate. I don't think we were as loud and crazy as he wanted us to be. Lol
This is Randy- he's the son of my friend Bob (I just realized I DIDN'T get a picture with Bob on Saturday). Randy is awesome and a local celebrity. He was recently on the news when his classmates surprised with him tickets to a Mavericks game. He's Dirk Nowitzki's biggest fan. So if any of my sweet followers have a hook up with Dirk, let me know so I can help make Randy's dream of meeting Dirk come true!
I was able to see my friend Janie at the game!
I sat with my Rangers partners in crime at the game on Saturday. We were happy that even though our closer blew the lead in the 9th inning, the Rangers were able to win with a walk off home run in the bottom of the 10th!
I'm loving... 

The birthday gifts that my sweet Rangers Twitter family got me on Saturday. My birthday is this coming Monday, but since we were all together last weekend, they surprised me with some gifts. I got these awesome Rangers shoes pictured below, a gift card to Whataburger, and six 12-packs of Dr Pepper. They know my top three loves in life! :) They remembered on a blog post last month that I wanted these shoes so they all chipped in for it and the gift card. What's funny is that I knew we were surprising two other members of our group who have birthdays coming up and I didn't even think about them doing something for me. The thought never crossed my mind. Lol. I feel so loved!

We were all surprised! :) 
I'm loving...

That I got to meet my sweet Twitter friend Paul. We've been Twitter friends for almost six years now so it was nice to finally meet him in person! He was in town last weekend to see the Rangers/Blue Jays series. And thanks to Paul, I got a reply from Steve Avery on Facebook because he and I were tagged in the same post (I'm not even gonna pretend that I kept my cool when that happened). Lol. Yes, I'm a nerd, I've accepted that.

I'm loving...

That I've made a smoothie for breakfast every day this week. I finally took time Sunday night to divide up the fruits for each day so they were just ready to be thrown from the freezer into the blender. I love these Ziplock bags that show you how much is in it. 

I'm loving...

That I got to go to a musical performance on Sunday with some friends. I didn't even know that Theater Arlington  existed, but it was a cute little theater and the people who performed did a great job. They sang some of Frank Sinatra's biggest hits. Check out future shows on their website

I'm loving...

That I woke up to this temperature this morning. It was unusually cool for the middle of May in north Texas. :)

I'm loving...

That a friend of mine is spending my birthday evening with me next Monday at a Rangers game! I haven't seen him since DECEMBER so I'm super excited about it!

What are YOU loving today?

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