Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving...

All the love I received on Monday for my birthday. Thank you to everyone who sent me messages on Facebook, Twitter, or by text. You helped make my day wonderful!

I'm loving...

That I got to see a friend of mine on my birthday who I hadn't seen in over six months. We had fun at the game (despite the loss) and I ran into some other friends while I was there (birthday hugs all around!)

I'm loving...

That I was able to be at my nephews' graduations at Texas Tech last weekend. I went to Lubbock last weekend to see my nephew Jake get his undergraduate degree and to see his brother James receive his law degree. It was a VERY proud aunt moment. :) It was also a VERY long drive, but worth it!

My sweet boys at their graduation party Friday night. They loved the Rangers/Texas Tech caps that I gave them!
Graduation day! Such a proud aunt!
I'm so proud of my nephew Jake. He worked hard and completed college in three years!

Somehow this sweet little baby (okay, he was never little, he weighed 11lb, 4oz at birth) is now a law school graduate! Where does the time go? And yes, I'm rocking a NKOTB shirt. I still would wear it if I had it. :)
I love this picture of my dad and my nephew after the ceremony. James is named after my dad's father. My dad told him how proud his great-grandfather would have been to hear his name being called out

My folks have attended 37 graduations (high school and college) just between all their kids and grandkids alone. They still have more grandkids to graduate (and great-grandkids). 
I drove 733 miles in a span of 48 hours to go see my sweet boys! Totally worth it though! I had audio books and Dr Pepper to keep me company!

I'm loving...

That I got to help out my neighbor yesterday and watch her dog, Holly, for a few hours while she dealt with an emergency (everything is okay with my neighbor, by the way). :) Holly and I had fun at the dog park! 

I'm loving...

When I'm able to meet up with a Twitter peep. My Twitter friend Kari was at the game on Monday and stopped by to bring me a birthday beverage.

I'm loving...

That even though the Rangers didn't win on my birthday and I didn't get a hug from former Ranger Pudge Rodriguez, Pudge DID send me a birthday greeting on Twitter. :)

What are you loving today?


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