Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday 13: My Recent Top Tweets

Thirteen tweets that you have missed if you don't follow me on Twitter (yes, shameless plug, follow me on Twitter here.)

I didn't sleep well that night. Lol 

Some friends and I were watching the Rangers game together when the Odor/Bautista fight broke out. If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch it here on YouTube. My friend Corina and I got a little passionate during the fight. We were possibly cheering Odor on. Lol

Odor became a Rangers legend that day
This was rude...and I apologize to 5th grade girls everywhere for comparing them to how the Blue Jays fight. ;)

Rangers fans were not happy that this one Blue Jays player didn't get any sort of punishment for his part in the fight. I took my frustrations out on his hair. But come on, seriously, who thinks that looks good?

I love my friends with all my heart so it hurts me so much to know there is nothing I can do to help them when they are making poor life decisions

I'm not lying, this was the creepiest hotel I've ever stayed at. Since all Lubbock hotels were booked because of Texas Tech graduation, we had no choice but to stay. See pictures below. I'm so leaving a horrible review on Yelp. 
We discovered the next morning that there was blood on the lampshade. BLOOD!
I don't even want to know how it got there
My sister's room was horrible. She told them it hadn't been cleaned and the front office assured her it had and got a little snippy with her. She noticed this behind the door. They just swept the dirt into a line and LEFT IT THERE.

Yes, I know, my bangs. And eyebrows. Don't even mention them.

My bestie sent out this tweet on my birthday. Love him so much. Or maybe I just love his dog Dobby. I'm kidding of course, although I'm pretty sure I love Dobby more. ;) 

One of my followers sent a tweet to the Rangers telling them I wanted a hug. I didn't get a hug, but I got this tweet. 

Don't get between this girl and her taquitos

My friend Glenn took me to the Rangers game for my birthday and decided to do a live Facebook video of our drive. I'm not a fan of being on video, but I humored him. Yes, I look VERY uncomfortable in the video. And I realized I say "awesome" A LOT. Next time I won't be chewing gum when I do a video (so gross, sorry about that). It's too long to post here, but here are quick highlights. I got excited when Six Flags was open because I have a season pass and can park there for free when I go to a Rangers game (as long as the park is open). :)

He's a bullpen pitcher for the Rangers. He used to be our closer, but he hasn't been doing too well lately. Twitter freaks out whenever he's in the game and gives up a run.

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  1. That hotel does look a bit disturbing. Definitely not a 5 star hotel!