Monday, November 9, 2015

Mobile Monday

After over six months of no Blue Bell, my favorite ice cream finally made its way back to stores in Dallas last week. My sweet friend Angie picked this up for me last Monday and dropped it off at my apartment that night. All is right in my world again. :)
NOTE: I know some people have issues with the Blue Bell company. I respect your opinions, but please keep hateful comments off my page. The owners of Blue Bell are friends of my family and are good people. Don't always trust everything the media tells you. There are two sides to every story. That being said, I will speak no more of this subject and will enjoy some wonderful Dutch Chocolate ice cream. :)
Last Tuesday was Election Day and everyone I knew was posting a selfie on social media wearing their "I voted" sticker. I was starting to think your vote wouldn't count unless you told everyone about it. Just to be sure my vote counted, I posted my "post election" selfie as well. :)
Shon Gables used to work for a local news station and we have been social media friends for a few years. She sent out a tweet last week that she was collecting shoes to be donated to people in 3rd world countries. I was able to donate about 8 pairs of shoes that I never wear. It was for a good cause, and it cleaned out my closet some!
Some friends and I went to Music Hall in Fair Park on Saturday to see The Sound of Music. I didn't know how many differences there were between the play and the movie. The cast did a wonderful job, but I like the movie song order and story line better. :)
Kroger had a discount table of all their Halloween stuff (I guess they were lumping all fall stuff into that category as well). This was included. I now have table cloths and napkins for Thanksgiving lunch. The table cloths ended up only being $1.50 and the napkins were 75 cents. Score!
My friend Monica and I went to the FC Dallas playoff game last night. FC Dallas is our local Major League Soccer team. I loved the atmosphere. Soccer fans are passionate. I love soccer, I'm not sure why I don't go to more games. FC Dallas won in a penalty kick shootout (which was an exciting finish to a great game). I'm trying to embed the video below of the shootout portion of the game.

This car was in front of me going to work today. Made me think of the roadrunner. Meep Meep!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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  1. Discounted fall decor - score! I found some the other day at Walmart - I got some pumpkin decorations for $1.75 a piece!

    That license plate is awesome! Too funny! :)