Monday, November 2, 2015

Mobile Monday

I haven't done this kind of post in a while, but I had some pictures on my phone I hadn't shared. I figured this was the best kind of post to do (and how long as it been since I updated on a MONDAY?!) :) My goal is to update at least three times this week (I know, I'm getting ahead of myself). Lol.

A while back I got a manicure and decided to get into the "Halloween spirit". The lady doing my nails was confused at first with what I wanted, but after I showed her a picture, she understood. Have I mentioned that I love my nail salon? Whenever I walk in, they all greet me by name. They even said they felt bad for me after the Rangers were eliminated from the playoffs (EVERYONE knows my love of the Rangers). Lol.

A few weekends ago my friend Chance had some friends over for food and college football watching. Of course the only pictures I ended up taking were of his dog Dobby. Well, Dobby was the most photogenic of the bunch. :) Each time I hang out with Dobby, I'm one step closer to getting a dog of my own. One day...

He loves his Aunt Rachel so much, even though she takes a lot of pictures
The Sunday before last my church hosted their annual Trunk of Treat event. I'm new to the church (I've only been there a few months) but I have become a member of a GREAT Sunday School class. I'm a little bit younger than the rest of the class (okay, about 20 years younger), but they are a lively group. They keep me on my toes. I love them and am so glad they let me be a part of their class. They have been so warm and welcoming to me, for the first time in a long time, I feel at home in a church. I was in charge of decorating for our Trunk or Treat "trunk". They loved my decorations. :)

I got bored with my hair so I cut it, again. It's shorter than it's been in a while, but I like it. And I like the gal who cut my hair, she was awesome. I definitely will go back to her.

Yes, this is a shameless public bathroom selfie. I was texting my best friend and needed to show her my hair. Don't judge. :)
Last Wednesday I made another appearance on The Scoop (sports talk radio/podcast). My friends Glenn and Tovash have been bugging asking me for a while now to come join them again for some Dallas sports talk. I didn't think I did that great of a job, but they both said that I did (and they both insist that I come back again). So, I might be a guest on their show again. :)

My sports-talking peeps...
I found this gem at a Half Price Books for $3. Not gonna lie-I was pretty excited. I loved this game when I was younger. It's one of the few board games I play. My next game night is gonna be great!

Last week my office had our annual Halloween festival. This year we had a Harry Potter themed "haunted house". I think it turned out great!

My friend and co-worker Cara was there with her kids. Her youngest son is one of my favorites (although her oldest is awesome too, I can't leave him out). The first time I met her youngest he was like, "You are pretty. Are you in college?" Evidently he was asking if I was going to be at the Halloween festival, so of course, I had to get a picture. :)

Thanks Cara for letting me post this picture with Captain America!
I went home last weekend to see my folks and for my great-nephew E's sixth birthday party. I hadn't seen E or his brother C in a few months. They love taking pictures with Aunt Rachel's phone. They especially loved the features on my SnapChat app. We probably spent about 30 minutes taking pictures with that one. They even got Pawpaw (my dad) in a picture! Lol.

My sweet E turned six on Friday. I love his silliness and his loving heart. He loves being silly with Aunt Rachel but always knows when she needs a hug. After my carjacking in December 2012, I spent a few weeks with my family. E didn't know what was going on, of course, he just knew that Aunt Rachel was visiting. One day I was sitting alone in the corner and he climbed up in my lap, put his arms around me, and started singing "Jesus Loves Me". That is when I knew that I was going to be okay.

I don't know where he gets this from...
He loves pandas, so his birthday party had a panda theme
Sporting a panda look with my oldest sister Martha, C and E's "Meme"
My lovely niece Alice, the mother of C and E
I love this video that E and I made. Even when he's trying to be scary, he can be sweet.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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