Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Recap: Mobile Monday Style

I actually took pictures this weekend just so I would have something to upload for today. :)

Friday I went over to my BFF Brandy's house and spent the evening with her as well as baby M. We had a great evening watching movies and just having girl talk (baby M promised he wouldn't tell our secrets). :) I was so busy taking pictures of baby M, I forgot to get one of me and the BFF (friend fail). Next time Bran!

I love the look on his face in this picture!
Saturday afternoon I drove to Mexico (okay, not really, but sometimes it feels like Mexico since it's SO FAR from me) to have lunch with my best friend Chance (yes, I have more than one best friend- don't judge me). Although he tried to fight it, I finally got him to agree to take a few pictures. I know he secretly loved it though. :)

After lunch we were getting ready to leave, but our friend Erick (who was in town for the weekend) wanted to hang out with us, so we stayed longer. Also, it started pouring down rain, so we really didn't mind staying. Oh, and there was a Rangers spring training game was on TV so we enjoyed watching that (despite 10 minutes of technical difficulties). It was good to be talking baseball again. :)

We ended up getting invited to a BBQ party at the house of one of Chance's friends. This person had two of the biggest dogs I had ever seen. Seriously, I've seen horses that weren't that big. It was fun hanging out with new people though. We had a good time!

I was sitting down on a chair and had to reach up to pet this dog. 
At one point in the evening Erick THOUGHT the dog WAS a horse. Lol.
These guys are two of my favorites, they make me laugh and drive me crazy (in a good way) all at the same time. I know my life would be boring without them in it. :) I also use them for their hugs. :)
Sunday was a good day. I visited a new church and really liked it (I'm not sure if I've mentioned I've been looking for a new church). It was a small church, but I seem to like those (seeing that is what I grew up in). After lunch I went to my Bible study (I'm still going to attend the Bible study with the ladies from the church I've been going to for the past year). After that, I had a relaxing evening at home (finally). :) I also finished book 13 of the year. Now I'm THREE reviews behind. Oh, and this happened on Sunday...

Pudge favorited my tweet. Fangirl moment. :)
Hope everyone had a good weekend!! 14 days and counting until the Rangers home opener!! I cannot wait!! :)



  1. Looks like a fun weekend. I love Great Danes! I want a black and white one b/c the spots look like a cow. Lol

    Why are you looking for a new church? Not happy w/ the one you are at?

    YAY it is almost time for baseball to really be back!

  2. Sounds like fun, Rachel! So those were Great Danes? Amazing creatures.