Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Twitter Tuesday

I thought I would do another installment of Twitter Tuesday. For those of you not following me on Twitter (follow me here), here is what you are missing (my tweets are life changing...okay, not really, but they are sometimes mildly entertaining). :)

Obviously I tweet about sports (pretend to be shocked):

The Rangers renamed their Ballpark last month. 
This was pretty much the reaction of most of my timeline when it was announced the new name was Globe Life Ballpark.
Yeah, I really didn't watch the Olympics at all this year. I think I'm more of a Summer Olympics person than a Winter.
Spring Training started and my timeline had a lot of baseball talk- it was beautiful!
My friend Brian has a sports show on Fox Sports Radio, Friday and Saturday nights from 1am-5am (Texas time). Check it out here. Or you can check out the podcasts here (which is what I usually do because I'm not normally awake during that time). :)
I don't even want to talk about what Ian Kinsler said about the Rangers. 
And don't get me started on the upcoming How I Met Your Mother finale. For the record, yes, I did start watching the show last December. I binged watched 8 seasons on Netflix in like a month (don't judge). I then found a totally legal website where someone had uploaded the episodes that had already aired for this current season. I got caught up in January and have been watching it live since. 
Steve Avery is at the Braves Spring Training camp. Oh to be in Florida right now (for many reasons, but he would be a main one). :)

I tweet about TV shows (as you saw with the HIMYM tweet):

I can't even process this, I love this show so much. 
A sad day on Waltons Mountain. :(
This is a great show. If you aren't watching it, you should!
So Mark-Paul Gosselaar, AKA, Zack Morris from Saved By the Bell, turned 40 last week. I can't even handle that. He was like, the second love of my life (behind Ricky Schroder)
Seriously, I learned the hard way why I never watch Saturday Night Live, that show was awful. And I don't blame Jim Parsons, he didn't write it. Ug. 
Bates Motel is another show I started watching last year, it's interesting. I'm glad it's back for a second season.
I tweet about the weather (honestly, this is a Texas thing, when it's cold, and God forbid, icy, we can't handle it.) :)

This is very true. I like that a threat of ice closes down my office. :)
For the record, there was no snow or ice on the ground, just a possibility of it happening later.
Again, I love this. :)
I tweet about life around my office. 

Yes, this happened...
She wasn't even yelling, just talking very loudly.
True story...
It was a business critical conversation we were having at my desk! :)
I work with violent people, don't I?
And sometimes my tweets are just random (like me). :)

I enjoy meeting fellow Twitter friends! And I'm really not THAT tall. :)
I mean, part of college is a blur, but not THAT much. ;)
Even in every day life, I use baseball terms. :)
It really did! I kept picturing him reading it.

Again, I have bad days and vent on social media, but it seems there are people who ONLY VENT on social media. I NEVER see anything positive from them, EVER.

I'm so old...it's not the first time I've been in bed by 9pm on a Friday.
Sometimes I tweet random song lyrics (thank you Eli Young Band)
Happy Tuesday!!


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