Monday, August 6, 2012

Phone Photo Fun Monday

What's on my phone this week...

Pictures with friends at Rangers games...
View from my various seats at the Rangers games...
I went to the lake last weekend with a family that lived next door to me when I was younger. I used to babysit Abby and Emily when I was in high school. Hard to believe they are now in their 20s!
Our lake adventures!
One day I'll be able to go into Half Price Books and not spend any money. So far that hasn't happened...
The forecast last week...
This grasshopper was on the wall in front of my seat at a Rangers game last week. It was huge!
Only in Texas...
Dinner with a portion of my carpool at Taco Cabana (we are missing one person from the group in this picture).
Excited that I got to see Katie while she was in town!


  1. You are so cute, Rachel and you seem to have the best friends/family. I am jealous you and Katie got to hang out- two of my very faves!

  2. Ok let's talk about the size of that grasshopper! Gross. Hope you had fun while Katie was visiting. I can't believe how hot it has been there. Those are some crazy temps!

  3. There I am!! :) So glad I got to hang out with you too!!