Monday, August 20, 2012

Phone Photo Fun Monday

Here is what is on my phone this week:

Storms heading my way on Friday evening...

Saw this shirt at Kohl's on Saturday. I had to text a picture of it to my friend Laura (one of my favorite Longhorns). :)
The storm clouds on my way to the Brad Paisley concert on Saturday evening...the closer we got to the venue, the darker the clouds got...

A picture of Khrystal, Laura, and myself before the rain started...

Even in the rain we still look cute...

The rain got so bad they moved everyone out in the lawn area to the covered seating area...

Thanks to my friend Laura for letting me steal these pictures from her blog! :)
Taking pictures while waiting to see if the concert would go on...
Me and Laura
My poor hair, it looked so cute at the beginning of the evening. Khrystal's hair still looked cute, despite the down pour (so not fair!) :)
We told Aaron there was no escaping a picture!
After two hours of sitting in the rain, they had to cancel the concert due to safely reasons (one of the main reasons was that the roof area covering the stage was leaking, and there was standing water). :( We were told to hold on to our tickets because the concert would be rescheduled. Oh well, I still had fun hanging out with friends.

So, I've decided to make a wreath that I saw on Pinterest. We will see if I actually get it done, but I purchased the wreath base from Michael's on Sunday (if I actually get this made, I'll post pictures!) :)

It was a wonderful 68 degrees this morning. And the high tomorrow is supposed to only be 82. Is it Fall already?? :)

Have a great week y'all!!



  1. That stinks that the concert got canceled. I wonder when they will be able to reschedule it for!? And your hair still looked cute! Can't wait to see the wreath!

  2. Really girls I feel so special today. I've had appearances in 2 blogs. And trust's NOT easy (or cheap) to keep this frizz ball looking tame. Thanks for noticing though!

  3. we've already gotten fall-ish weather here. dipping into the 60s at night!

  4. First, I am so getting that shirt. Love it. Thanks for thinking of me. Second I laughed when I saw those pictures you took from my blog. I thought they looked familiar!!! Had a great time not seeing Brad with y'all!

  5. What a bummer about the concert! I do have to say your hair did look cute!

  6. I am so bummed out for you about the concert! How does it work if they reschedule it and you can't go that day? I've always wondered that! And you look cute in spite of the rain!

  7. Whoa rain!! Hope they reschedule the concert soon!