Monday, August 13, 2012

Phone Photo Fun Monday!

I went home last weekend for my great-nephew C's 4th birthday party. Pretty much all of the pictures on my phone this week are of my adventures this past weekend! :)

C had a carnival theme party. He was excited to have a mustache like his friend Matt (who he lovingly calls Matt in the Hat, because Matt always has a cowboy hat on!)
C is big into superheros, especially The Incredible Hulk, so with the help of Photoshop, I made special pictures for his gift bag! :) My nephew D is good pals with C. I love this picture of them!
There was a "photo booth" area with props for the kids (big and small) to use for pictures. I love the one of my folks in the center picture. I couldn't convince my nephew Danny (lower left) to dress up for the booth with me. C loved the Hulk boxing gloves I gave him. He wasted no time trying them on!
As you can tell, my sisters and I are VERY serious ALL the time!
C loved his carnival party. "Pin the nose" on the clown was a big hit. C's little brother E enjoyed the party blowers (I had to remind him not to blow them in people's faces).
E felt that Aunt Rachel needed a nose job. My nephew J liked the fact he could see his picture on my iPhone as we took the picture.
More pictures with E and J.
The next day, E was ready to try out brother's new baseball pitching machine!
C's birthday was actually on Sunday. He wore his birthday crown at breakfast and we enjoyed cupcakes after lunch!
Someone enjoyed the cupcakes a little more than others! :)
I finally got my birthday present from my sister Martha (I hadn't seen her since May). It's a Texas Rangers toaster! I love it! I used it for breakfast this morning. :)

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Hope everyone is having a great Monday!



  1. So cute!! Looks like a super fun time. :)

  2. Cute! Looks like a great time!

  3. So cute. Fun theme for a party! Love the toast!!