Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cause When You're A Celebrity...

I'm totally stealing borrowing using this idea from my friend Tonya.

The Celebrity Challenge: Just for a moment, pretend you are a celebrity. Answer the following questions based on your "celeb" status. And yes, I did have too much fun filling this thing out! Oh the things we do when we are bored...

What kind of car do you drive? A Lexus GX. I let my friends borrow it for Rangers games so they can have free parking (Lexus vehicles get to park for free in the Lexus Valet parking lots). Because of my celebrity status, I have a driver take me to and from the games.

Where do you live? I live in an undisclosed neighborhood in the Dallas area. Although a celebrity blogger recently "leaked" a picture of my house on their website.

What are you known for? Acting. I got my start playing a dead body on CSI. I went on to play dead bodies on four other crime shows before my first speaking role in an episode of Psych. From there I went on to star in a Hallmark original movie with Zachary Levi.  

Are you nice to the paparazzi? Yes, I'm very nice. The story that I roundhouse kicked a photographer while coming out of a Chick Fil-A was a lie started by TMZ and my personal attorney is handling the lawsuit. I cannot comment on it at this time.

What is your favorite vacation spot? I have two. A nice private ski resort in Colorado and various beaches in the Caribbean (depending on my mood).

What is your favorite retail shop? I have remained faithful to Kohl's. I may or may not be in the works for my own line of clothing there in the spring.

What was the last thing your purchased on your AMEX Black card? Season tickets for the Texas Rangers. In fact, I got a whole section of season tickets behind home plate. That way my friends and family can go to any Rangers games they want to. :)

Do you read gossip magazines about yourself? Of course (who doesn't?)

Who are you dating/married to? The rumors that Zachary Levi and I were dating for a while are true, but we split amicably a few months ago. For the past few weeks I have been spotted numerous times out in public with Rangers outfielder Craig Gentry. Neither one of us are making a comment on the status of a relationship at this time. 

Zachary Levi
Me and Craig Gentry
What is your favorite restaurant? Fogo de Chao. I love any place that let's me have all you can eat steak! :)

Would you really want to be this person? Not really. Well, I would want the dating life. Oh, and the Rangers season tickets, but that's about it. If I was famous, I couldn't go to the drive-thru of Whataburger in my pajamas. Not that I do that now. But if I did, I would have to worry about being photographed! :)

Yes, this is silly, but it was fun. I dare you to try it! Come on, you know you want to!! Please leave me a link if you participate in it! :) Happy half way through the week my friends!



  1. Yes, your attorney strongly advises you not to comment on that incident... Also as your lawyer, I advise you to stop reading the gossip about yourself-- it might put an end to these (recurring) incidents!! ;)

    Poor Zach-- he's been replaced!! (ps-- I love how you have an actual pic with Craig to go here... hehhehehe)

    Oh, and I'm assuming that part of my retainer is free rent in your house. Just saying....

  2. Can I have your autograph? ....and sit with your friends behind home plate?

  3. You are the best, Rachel. Your answers to these questions are absolutely priceless- I love it! I am currently re-watching all seasons of Psych for the 5th time to see your cameo;-)

  4. Haha!! This was hilarious. :-) And I'm glad to hear you've moved on from being a dead body. lol