Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Family Time

First of all, thank you for the sweet comments and emails. I am doing a little better since my wreck. I will have to see a chiropractor though due to an ongoing injury. :/ I'll post details on that whenever I can.

So, one of the posts I wanted to get to last week was a recap of my great-nephew E's second birthday party back on Oct. 29. Oh yes, he is already two, hard to believe. Only my niece Alice (E's momma) knew I was coming to the party. It was a surprise for everyone else, including my parents, who didn't think they were seeing me again until Thanksgiving (and yes, my mother was VERY excited I was there). I love surprising people like that, don't you?? Now, E is really into bugs and creepy crawlies right now. Yes, bugs (ew). So the decorations included bugs everywhere, including on the cake and in the punch (calm down, not real bugs, plastic bugs). :)

The "bug" cake.
Spider Oreo cookies
Apples with gummy worms coming out of them
Making sure he got all the icing off the plastic bug.
E and brother C were waiting  for their dad to hang the pinata from the tree. At one point E punched a hole in the top and got a sucker out. He's so smart! :)
Trying on his new glasses.
Opening Aunt Rachel's present
As soon as he opened it he said, "Bob!" He loves Veggie Tales! This is really cute. It's a pillow of Bob the Tomato and inside of  it (zipper pouch) is a Veggie Tales blanket. I got it at Family Christian Bookstore.
Reading the details of the Veggie Tales movie I also gave him (okay, maybe not actually reading it).
The birthday boy was too busy to pose for a picture with Aunt Rachel.
C and I were taking pictures on my iPhone. He liked that he could see himself while we were taking the picture.
C and Aunt Rachel
Aunt Rachel showing C how she reacts when she sees a bug!
E waiting on someone to drive him around in his new car.
Me and my lovely sisters
Later that evening we took C and E to a "Trunk and Treat" party at a local church (it's where kids can dress up and go around and "trick or treat" at all the cars in the parking lot.) It was fun, they had some bounce houses and food.

My little elephant!

C the Lion (he didn't want to have the headpiece on).
Hope everyone is having a great week!! XOXO!


  1. Too cute! I loved seeing the pictures :-) That's great that you were able to surprise everyone! And now Thanksgiving is just around the corner :-)

  2. What a fun surprise- you are the best aunt! My favorite was when you wrote about little guy punching a hole in the pinata- too cute!

  3. What a wonderful, colorful and fun packed birthday party for a beautiful two year old. God bless and heal with your auto injury!

  4. Looks like a great time. Cute kids too!