Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday Thirteen and Thirsty Thursday

After taking a break last week, I'm back with my Thursday Thirteen and Thirsty Thursday!

If you might recall, a few weeks ago I listed 13 places in Texas I want to visit, and then the following week I listed 13 places in the United States I would like to visit. I thought about listing 13 places worldwide I want to visit, and I realized the majority of them were in Europe (although there are other places in the world I want to visit). So, I decided this week to list 13 places in Europe I want to visit (because one day I WILL visit Europe.) I might have to take a sleeping pill (or have a couple of adult beverages) for the long plane ride, but I will get over there! Again, there are over 100 place I could list, but I had to narrow it down to 13. This was tougher than I thought!

1. Big Ben-London

2. Tower of London - London (do I really need to specify that?)

4. The Running of the Bulls- Spain (note: I don't want to actually run with them, but I want to watch from a safe distance!) :)

5. Edinburgh Castle- Scotland

6. Eiffel Tower- Paris
7. Loch Ness- Scotland (I'm hoping to see the Loch Ness monster!) ;)

8. Mona Lisa- Musee du Louvre, Paris

9. Parthenon- Greece

10. Colosseum- Rome

11. Brandenburg Gate- Germany

12. Vatican City- Italy

For my Thirsty Thursday I will be decked out in Rangers gear and enjoying a refreshing beverage from Chick-Fil-A (I'm off work early and a friend and I are going to eat lunch and then watch the Rangers game at 1:30).

Wanna participate in Thirsty Thursday? Head over to Freckles and Fudge, my friend Vic will take care of you! :)



  1. I don't know that I could handle watching the running of the bulls, but I'm 100% behind everything else. May you get to see them soon!

    Happy T13,

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  2. Great idea! Let's charter a jet!! LOL

  3. I have always wanted to go to Europe, and I think I may just go (Paris and London) this coming spring with my mom and aunt. How fun... I also hope, very much, that the terrorist warnings are passed by then...

    Great list!

  4. I've never given much thought about going to Europe, but this list does make it easier to envision a trip. Hope you get there someday! Nice shirt :) I love Chick-fil-a!