Monday, October 11, 2010

Pure Country 2

As you are aware, I'm a fan of country music (no cringing please!) : ) You can't be a fan of country music and not love George Strait (AKA "King George".)

Back in the 1990s George Strait made the movie Pure Country. (Please remember he is a singer, not an actor. No hate comments on it please.)  :) I actually just saw it the other day on CMT. It also has Kyle Chandler in it. He's an actor I absolutely adore. He was on that show Early Edition (about the guy who got tomorrow's newspaper today). He is more recently known as Coach Eric Taylor on the TV show Friday Night Lights. I love him! Oh sorry. Anyways, back to Pure Country. I hadn't seen it in years and forgot how much I loved the soundtrack too. It has some of my favorite George songs in it! :)

I saw on a Twitter status this morning that they have made a sequel- Pure Country 2: The Gift. I don't think George Strait has the lead role, but per the trailer I found on YouTube, he will be making an appearance, or two, in it. Wahoo! Yes, I know, it has that cheesey "made for TV" look to it. I don't care. It's George Strait. And per IMDB, it seems that Dean Cain (aka Superman from Lois and Clark) is in it as well. Pardon me while I insert a teenage girl **sigh** here as I reminisce on my past love of Dean Cain.

Okay I'm back. Turns out that the director of Pure Country and Pure Country 2 is Dean Cain's father, Christopher Cain. I never knew that! Oh yes, my blog is a well of random, useless information! Who knows, you might win Jeopardy one day with something you learn here!

So anyways, in case you are interested, here is the trailer for Pure Country 2. If you are interested in seeing it with me, just let me know! :)


Happy Monday friends!


  1. Dean Cain may have been one of my first celebrity crushes..... okay, he was. :)

    And Kyle Chandler was also on Grey's Anatomy, but he blew up. ;)

  2. Oh how I love you Mr George Strait *sigh*

  3. Words cannot express how much I loath country music LOL but I think I'll look this up just for you!! :-) I mean, if you like it this much, there must be something good in there, no matter how well they manage to mask it. (so sorry, I'm just being mean, aren't I!!) :-) just teasin'

  4. i love cringing here:) xoxo