Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I love free stuff!

So a few months ago I won a gift certificate at work and cashed it in at Overstock.com. I finally got around to ordering stuff last week and got it in the mail today. I was kind of excited (hey, I've had a bad week, little things make me happy!) :) I have mentioned in previous posts that I'm an amateur scrapbooker. I've noticed that this is NOT a cheap hobby to have, so I used my gift certificate to buy some scrapbooking material. I got all of the following (my gift certificate was for $50). BUT, it was free to me, even shipping. Yippee!!

Once I start working on a scrapbook, I'll post pictures of my progress!! I'm hoping to do one for all the stuff in my life in 2010, including the Great Snow Storm of OH-TEN, all the Rangers games I went to, my trip to Atlanta and the upcoming holidays. Fun stuff!!

I saw this on Chuck Greenberg's Facebook page and thought it was great! Any fellow Rangers fans are welcome to print this and use it as an excuse to miss work tomorrow and Thursday to watch the games!  :) I can't promise your boss will honor it, but I thought it was great!!

Have a great one friends!



  1. Nice stuff, even better that it was free!

    Can't wait to see some of your layouts once you start scrapping!

    I haven't scrapped in the longest time. I figure I will get back to it someday.

  2. I really love that "excuse sheet"!!! Thats too funny!

    You should take pitures of the scrap book when you're finished :)))

  3. Free stuff is always great...although I always find it harder to spend my "free" money! I don't want to waste it!!!

    BTW - I noticed you are now reading One for the Money...is this the first Janet Evanovich you've read? I love her books...always so funny! You'll have to let me know what ya think!

    Hope tomorrow is better for you!

  4. Bet that medical excuse is going to come in handy for you! :-)