Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What I'm Loving!

I'm loving...
That I finally got to check out a few RoughRiders games (that's the Rangers AA team in Frisco). I love minor league baseball (okay, I love any kind of baseball), but minor league games are super fun to attend. I went to a game last Thursday night and on Sunday afternoon. Sunday was Bark at the Park Day and there were so many cute dogs there. I wish I had gotten a picture of some of them.

My friend Daniel went with me on Thursday. I forgot to tell him that I'm always taking pictures. :)
My baseball homegirl Beks works part time at the Roughriders games. I had to stop by for a hug. Yes, I hug. A lot. If you have never met me in person, this is your warning. :)
My friend Art also works for the Roughriders and I got to see him on Thursday too!
My view Thursday night and Sunday afternoon (yeah for free tickets!)

Sunday was my friend Eric's first time to see a Roughriders game.
I'm loving...
The crazy weather in Texas. We had a week full of sunshine and temperatures in the 70s and 80s. Then Saturday a cold front hit and it was overcast and freezing (in the 50s- yes that is freezing to us). Nevertheless, my friends and I enjoyed our tailgate before the Rangers game. Even cold temperatures couldn't stop us from being out there. 

My friend Andrew works with me and saw on Facebook that I was tailgating, so he came by to say hi
It was cold, but at least we looked cute in our Rangers beanies
Former Rangers great Rafael Palmeiro was signing autographs before the game
I'm loving...
Cute gifts from my friends. My friend Lisa made us all fans to use at baseball games (obviously we didn't need them on Saturday though). She put a picture of Steve Avery on my fan. As you all know, he is the "Avery" behind my "Averyfan" handle. So, it's basically an Avery fan for Averyfan. :)

I'm loving...
Going to Rangers games. I know, this shocks you, especially after the first part of my post. Lol. I went to two RoughRiders games and three Rangers games over a five day period. I promise I don't have a baseball problem. :)

For those of you who make fun of me for posting on social media when I'm at the games- it pays off. My friend saw that I checked in on Friday at the Ballpark and texted me saying he wasn't at the game, so I could sit in his season ticket holder seats. He texted his usher to let him know I was coming so I had no problems sitting there. :)
With one out in the 9th, it started pouring. Thankfully my friend Monica and I were prepared with ponchos. The rain only lasted about 10 minutes so we were able to see the fireworks show after the game. :)

Watching Saturday's game with some of my Twitter family- I love these peeps!! I never would have thought that I would get such wonderful friendships from Twitter. These people are truly the best!
I actually took Monday off work to get some rest and take care of a few errands. My friend Harry texted with a last minute Rangers ticket for that night, so of course, I had to go. 
I'm loving...
That I finally saw my high school friend Matt Belisle pitch in a big league game. He's a relief pitcher and it seems I was never at a game where he pitched. Monday night he came in to pitch for the Twins. As much as I want my friend to succeed in his career, I wish he hadn't pitched so well against my boys. :)

Matt and I were on newspaper staff together my senior year. Super sweet guy, just wish he played for the Rangers so I wouldn't feel guilty cheering for him. :)
I'm loving...
When I get to see friends I haven't seen in FOREVER. After 15 months trying to plan lunch/dinner, my friend Landon and I finally had brunch on Sunday. It's ridiculous how busy we both are, we laugh about it. And on Saturday I got to see my friend Cheryl. I've known her since I was 14, but we hadn't seen each other in about 12 years. She and her fiance were in town for a Rangers game so we met up before the game. 

I joked with Landon that I thought he was a figment of my imagination since I hadn't seen him in so long.
Oh, the stories I could tell about the trouble we caused when we were younger- but I won't. :)
I'm loving...
That I'm on week two of my 30 Day Shred workout. We will see if I can keep it up. This is how I feel about working out. Lol.

What are YOU loving today??


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