Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving...

Rangers baseball. I know it's a long season and we are only in June, but man, the Rangers have been playing great baseball lately. I've been there the past five nights (well, it was an afternoon game on Sunday, but I was there). Yes, five games in a row, you read that correctly. I MIGHT have an addiction. And it looks like someone is trying to talk me into going tonight. We will see. 

My Rangers baseball adventures Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Thanks to my friend Dawn for the ticket on Saturday! It's always a blast seeing a game with her!
Sunday evening hosted a Twitter party in one of the RoughRider suites. It was fun hanging out with my baseball family and meeting up with some Twitter friends!
My awesome friend Amber was in town last weekend and got tickets to the game Monday night. She was sweet enough to invite me. We had great seats! I also ran into my college buddy Marc and got to meet my sweet Twitter friend Wade, who was in town to see a game. And the evening ended with a walk-off Rangers win. I wish all my Mondays were as fun as that one!
Last night at the game I stopped by the season ticket holder office to visit my two favorite Rangers employees, Mike and Jon. Jon has been my ticket rep since 2011. He's awesome! If you ever think about getting season tickets or a mini plan for the Rangers, let me know. I'll give you Jon's information. He's the best!
I'm loving...

This interview with Stan Lee. He threw out the first pitch at the Rangers game on Saturday night. He is a NATIONAL TREASURE!

I'm loving...

That the Rangers Twitter account fully supports my baseball addiction.

I'm loving...

That I finally got to meet this cutie last Sunday night at a RoughRider baseball game (yes, I went to the Rangers game that afternoon then the RoughRider game that evening. Don't judge me.) Thanks to my friend Matt (B's dad) for letting me use this picture on my blog!! :) I tried to take him with me, but Matt and his wife wouldn't let me. Lol.

I'm loving...

When I'm able to meet up with a friend for lunch during the week. Last week my friend Bob and I went to Pei Wei for lunch (which is so out of character for us, we normally meet up at Whataburger). Lol.

I'm loving...

That no matter how many unread books I own, if Half Price Books has a clearance sale, I'm there. No book is over $2. You can't pass that up. I only bought 7 this time (opposed to the 20 I bought last time I went). I don't have a book problem... :)

What are YOU loving today?



  1. Lots of baseball for you!!! Lucky girl!
    My knees just got weak at the sight of all those books....

  2. I love all the baseball & I love that Stan Lee was there to throw out the first pitch. I agree, he is a treasure! :)

    Have a great weekend, girlie!