Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving...

That I had a wonderful time with my great-nephew Christian last weekend. He spent the whole weekend with me and we did SO MUCH. I took him to his first baseball game (Frisco Roughriders) on Friday night, we spent most of Saturday at the Dallas Zoo, and then we went swimming that evening. I also introduced him to the greatness that was the 1970s TV show version of The Incredible Hulk (I had his mother's permission to let him watch it). He liked that the Hulk was a "real" guy and not a "computer graphic". 

For his first professional baseball game, he not only saw a win, but he got to meet two players, got a hug from one of the mascots, AND we got to sit on the field to watch post-game fireworks. And Aunt Rachel bought him a Riders teddy bear.
He was enjoying the fireworks show so much, I had to try and get a photo of it
We had matching tattoos for the game
His first trip to the Dallas Zoo with Aunt Rachel in 2010 (left) and then our visit on Saturday (right). He's getting so big!
We rode the DART train to the zoo, he was super excited about that!
This boy loves elephants. We take a picture of this same pose each time we go to the zoo (2010, 2014, 2016). This might be my last time to hold him though, he's getting heavy!
We ate lunch at Chick Fil-A one day (I know you are shocked)
One last picture before I took him home
I'm loving...

That the Rangers came back to beat the Yankees after a 3 hour (plus) rain delay last night. They were down by one run in the ninth when the game was delayed due to rain in NY. Over three hours later, the game resumed and the Rangers took the lead and went on to win the game 9-6. I love this video of Adrian Beltre giving the Rangers the lead. The two kids jumping up and down are Beltre's son and Prince Fielder's son. I love it! :) This win was the Rangers 50th of the season. They are the first MLB team to hit 50 wins so far this season.

I'm loving...

That by the time this posts (I'm typing it on Tuesday), I will be on the road to St. Louis. My friends and I plan to leave Dallas by 8am . We are making a quick stop in Little Rock, AR so I can cross the Clinton Library off my presidential library list.

I'm taking a little carry on suitcase for the trip. I tried the "rolling" technique for my clothes. Supposedly they won't wrinkle if you roll them. If all my vacation pictures show me in wrinkly clothes, you'll know the technique didn't work. 

What are YOU loving today?


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  1. You are going to have so much fun at the game! Eeek!

    It looks like you had a wonderful time with your nephew, that is so awesome that you're able to take him & spend that time with him. :)