Thursday, June 2, 2016

It's OK...

It's OK...

...that I've had to bite my tongue so much this past week over news stories flooding my social media timelines. I've wanted to throw things. I've even become stabby in some cases.

And these aren't even stories related to politics. Everyone and their mother thinks they are an expert regarding the gorilla incident at the Cincinnati Zoo. School districts want to do away with valedictorians and members of the National Honor Society being recognized at graduations because it will hurt the feelings of students who didn't do as well. You know what, I'm done. I'm ready to check out. Find me my own planet, I don't want to live on this one anymore. Okay, I wasn't going to go all RAGE-y about it, but it's my blog, I can do what I want. Bear with me...

First of all, the incident at the zoo was sad and unfortunate. I love animals, I love zoos. I don't think zoos are bad places. I think it's a great place to learn about animals you otherwise never would see in person. Most zoos take great care of their animals and love and respect them and would never want to harm them in any way. But at the end of the day, a decision was made and in my book, a human life > an animal life (regardless who was at fault- I'm not even touching that part of the story). 

And the whole not wanting to recognize those students who received National Honors makes me really mad. I'm not ready to live in a world full of this generation that has been raised with the "everyone deserves a trophy" mentality. You know what, life isn't always fair. You don't always get what you want or what the person next to you has-SUCK. IT. UP. I wasn't valedictorian. I wasn't even in the top half of my graduating class (I was in the half that made the top half possible). And you know what, I've done just fine in my life. I've had many professional and personal successes. I'm happy. I have friends and a family that love me (or at least that tolerate me. Lol). I don't feel like I am less of a person because I wasn't recognized as a top scholar in high school. I'm so tired of people thinking they are entitled to something every time they get their feelings hurt. 

...that I just went all postal on here. Sorry about that. Rant over. I will now continue on with my usual silly and fun It's OK post. Lol.

...that I have this unhealthy addiction to teen angst TV shows. Thanks to my friend Cara, I watched season one of this TV show called Scream (loosely based on the movie series by the same name. VERY loosely based). It was only 13 episodes long, so thanks to Netflix, I watched it in about 3 days (okay, only a day and a half, I didn't want to be judged).

Yeah, that is what I said...
Each episode was super ridiculous, but of course, I kept watching (because it's an addiction, I just can't quit). And evidently there is a season two about to start on MTV. Hey- remember when MTV played music videos? Do they even do that anymore?

Cara and I are convinced we could do a TV show of us making snarky comments while we watch all these teen angst shows. It would be greatness. Maybe not as great as Mystery Science Theater 3000, but close. Oh, I also got sucked back into Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. I just started season 6. It's not quality television, by any means. Sometimes you just want to watch something where you don't have to think too much about anything. This is the perfect show for that.

I feel this way during a lot of the episodes
...that I'm over all of this rain. I KNOW we are going to go through some kind of drought later this summer and will be begging for rain, so I'm trying not to complain (too much), but seriously, it's depressing having rain every day. And we won't even go into all the flooding around the state. It's awful. You need a boat just to commute to work (or more importantly, to Whataburger).

...that my summer calendar is almost completely booked. I'm excited about my vacations I'm planning out though, and I'm super-excited that my great-nephew C is going to come spend a weekend with me this month. I'm taking him to his first Rangers game and then we will spend a day at the Dallas Zoo (because that boy loves animals). :)

My sweet boy!
What's OK with you today?