Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

What I'm Loving Wednesday

The weeks keep going by so fast! It's hard to believe it's time to link up again with me and Jodi for What I'm Loving Wednesday. I have to say, I would be lost without Jodi reminding me that Wednesday was coming up each week. Lol. :) One of these weeks, I'm actually going to blog MORE than once a week. I started this link up to guarantee that I blogged at LEAST once a week, but I really wanted to post more than that. Hopefully this week I'll post again. I owe y'all some book reviews! :)

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This week I'm obviously loving a lot of pictures, so bear with me... ;) 

I'm loving...
That I got some much needed family time last weekend (which is a good excuse why I didn't blog more last week). I went home on Thursday for the first time since Christmas. I got to see a small portion of my family (when your immediate family is close to 40 people, seeing about 10-15 people is considered a small gathering). Lol.

My sweet kiddos- my great-nephews C, E, and my great-niece K. Or is it grand-nephews and grand-niece? I've never fully understood how that works. They are my niece's kids, so whatever that makes them to me... :)
This is what happens when they get a hold of Aunt Rachel's phone during church. Lol.
Me and my beautiful niece Alice (the mother of C, E, and K). I have to thank her for letting me borrow a dress and jacket. An unexpected cool front hit the night before Easter, and the sundress I brought for church was not going to cut it. Thankfully we are the same size. :)
My wonderful parents!
Me and my amazing sisters
Aunt Rachel's Easter bunny!
I'm loving...
That it's finally baseball season again! So glad the Rangers bounced back last night after a HORRIBLE Opening Day (night) game. Let's go Rangers. Never Ever Quit.

My nails are ready for baseball season! :)
I'm loving...
That I got to see my sweet friend Keva last weekend. She and her family were brave enough to join my family for Easter lunch! :)

I'm loving...
That I FINALLY finished the Harry Potter series. I promise it will be the next book review I write. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe. By next week for sure! :) 

I'm loving...
This wreath that Alice made me for my birthday (which is next month- it's an early birthday present. Or perhaps it's a late Christmas present, I can't remember). :) Regardless, I love it and it looks great on my front door!

I'm loving...
That even at my age, I still get a basket left by the side of my bed on Easter morning. What's even funnier is that my mom still tries to be sneaky gathering the candy the night before. And this year she was mad because my dad forgot to get my Big Red gum. I told her it was okay, but she was still mad he forgot. Lol. She's adorable. ;)

I'm loving...
That my first article for the website ShutDownInning was published yesterday! Please click here to read it! :) 

Hope everyone is having a great week!!


  1. Yay for family time! Loks like you guys had a blast :)

    And yay for baseball! We're technically rivals (I'm an Angel fan) but it's OK because we have quite a few of your players so there's a truce ;)

  2. So glad that you had a nice time with your family. Family time is so important. Love your baseball nails. So happy that baseball season is here. I'm a Redsox fan tho, don't hate. lol.

  3. You had a lot of things this week which is good!! Love the nails and wreath!! I want to make a wreath!

  4. Looks like a great week! Can't wait to see you at the park!! xoxo

  5. Super cute nails! Sounds like such a fun week!