Monday, April 13, 2015

It's Just Another Manic Monday...

I know, I know, I didn't get to my Harry Potter book review. After you see my weekend recap, you'll understand why I didn't have time. Tomorrow, I promise.

My weekend was full of watching baseball and hanging out with friends (and getting HUGS!)- just what I needed after a horrible week. Sadly I only saw one win out of the four games I went to, but still, even a day spent watching a loss is still a day watching baseball live and in person. 

On Thursday I met up with some of my fellow writers from Shutdown Inning (the sports blog I write for- please check it out here) at the Frisco RoughRider Opening Night game. As much as I love going to a Rangers game, going to a minor league baseball game is so much fun! I had a blast.

Part of the Shutdown Inning crew...
Dallas Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee threw out the first pitch. He was walking around the ballpark taking pictures with fans and signing autographs before the game. He insisted on taking his picture with me, and of course, I couldn't disappoint him.*

Sean throwing out the first pitch...
Me and Sean Lee. * Okay perhaps I'm the one who wanted the picture. But I'm sure if he had seen me first, he would have insisted on taking one. :)

I was able to meet up with some other friends while I was at the game. Despite the loss by the RoughRiders, it was still a fun evening, and it ended with fireworks. I don't care how old I get, I still love fireworks. :)

Friday was the Rangers Home Opening Day. As you know, this is a yearly tradition for me. This was my 10th consecutive Rangers home opener. Tailgating, friends, baseball- it was perfect (well, it would have been perfect if the Rangers had won, but like I said, watching baseball live is still watching baseball). :)

Tailgating with friends. This was my Bubba and nephew Peter's first home opener (top right).
Opening Day is always a great time to meet up with friends at the Ballpark. So many of my friends were there. :)
So glad I saw my sweet friend Misti (we seem to always see each other at baseball games). I also made my bestie Chance (top right) take our yearly picture together. And this is the debut of my friend Davis on my blog. Lol. I told him his life was going to change forever now. :) I like to think my blog is a bigger deal than it really is. :)
More sweet friends! My friend Trish has a blog you should check out here. My former pastor and his wife are at a lot of games as well, so it's always nice to see them. And my friend Eric has joined me and my friend Monica with a season ticket plan, so he will be forced to hang out with us all season (we all sit by each other). :)
Like I said, the Rangers sadly didn't win, but the field looked beautiful, and the opening ceremonies were great! 

The Rangers starting pitcher Derek Holland left the game after the first inning. Pretty much everyone in my section was on Twitter trying to find out the latest news after we noticed a new pitcher come in. At first we were told he would miss about 4 weeks due to a shoulder injury. We found out later he will be out at least 60 days. This was my reaction to the news...

Okay, I really didn't flip a table. But I thought about it.
Saturday I met up with my friend Rich, who was in town. We had lunch at our favorite place- Whataburger! I thanked his wife for letting me have a lunch date with him (she wasn't able to make the trip this time).

Saturday night I was back at the Ballpark and actually saw the Rangers win! It's going to be a rough season seeing that everyone is getting injured. Derek wasn't the only one who left the game on Friday. We had another player leave due to back spasms and another guy sprained his ankle. I don't know who broke my Rangers, but I want a word with them. It won't be a nice word!

The man in the top right picture was a WWII veteran celebrating his 90th birthday at the Ballpark. He got a standing ovation. :) Oh, and there were post game fireworks. But we've already discussed my love of fireworks. :)
Three guesses where I spent my Sunday afternoon. We got there early to guarantee the giveaway item (a Rangers cap). Sundays are usually $1 ice cream days, but thanks to the great Blue Bell Recall of 2015 (I can't even talk about it, Google it if you don't know about it), we didn't have any ice cream. :(

I did talk to a worker who told me they were ordering a new shipment (from the Brenham plant- where ALL Blue Bell should come from anyways), and by the next $1 ice cream Sunday, they will once again have Blue Bell (and all will be right in my world). Lol.
My baseball partners in crime this season!
The game went to extra innings (14 to be exact). And no, the Rangers didn't win. I did discover that after almost 7 hours of taking pictures and updating social media, my iPhone will have about 15% battery life left. Lol. But on the bright side, we did sneak down closer after the 11th inning. 

I could get used to these seats. :)
So, now you see why I didn't have time to write a book review. I'll work on it tonight. Hope everyone had a great weekend!! Thanks for taking the time to read my post!!


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  1. Reading your blogs make me smile, and I enjoy smiling. So glad to have met you!