Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's OK Thursday!

I haven't done one of these in forever so here I go.
(I know it's not an official link up anymore, but I'm still doing it). 

It's OK...

...that the Rangers have gotten rid of some of my favorites. I will be okay. Baseball season is almost here and everything will be okay (I figure if I say it enough times, I will believe it). :)

Yes, even Craig Gentry is gone. You won't believe how many text messages and tweets I got the day he was traded to make sure I was okay.

...that the Rangers renamed The Ballpark to Globe Life Park. Everyone will still call it the Ballpark anyway.

For the record, I had NEVER heard of Globe Life Insurance until they bought the naming rights to The Ballpark. Interesting enough, the next day, I got an email from Globe Life Insurance. Guess someone sold my email address.
The text message I received from my Bubba about the new name. I'm not sure if he was that passionate about not liking it, or if his phone sent the text more than once.
...that my office sent us home early because of snow and ice last week. I took this picture on my way home. I never want to live any place where this amount of snow won't send me home from work. :) For the record, I take back streets to get home, so those roads were not as bad as the highways. Also, there was more concern about ice forming later in the day. 

...that I can't seem to go into a bookstore without buying something for myself.

I have never read The Wizard of Oz so I bought it to see how different it was than the movie (I'm halfway through, there are some big differences). I also have never read H.P. Lovecraft, but he has been compared to Edgar Allan Poe (who I like). I'll let you know what I think.
...that I'm the only person who takes antibiotics and thinks "Oh, these are pretty colors".

Hoping my sinus infection goes away soon. I've been miserable for about a week!
...that it took me so long to get a library card in Dallas. I went by yesterday and checked out three books. I may or may not be over halfway done with one of them already. 

...that I haven't done my book review from last week. I'll get to it this weekend. I'm too busy reading. :)

...that doing this post has made me miss blogging. I've been trying to get back in a writing groove. Maybe this will start something! :)


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  1. I don't think it will really hit me that Ian, David, etc. are gone until Opening Day and they aren't there. It's going to be a big adjustment, but I trust JD.

    I'm curious about the Wizard of Oz book!