Tuesday, February 4, 2014


As if I wasn't already too lazy busy enough to deal with my blog and other forms of social media, I have added another site to my list (makes sense, right?) A few years ago I signed up for Goodreads.com, and kinda forgot about it. A friend of mine (thanks Mel) mentioned to me last week it was a great way to keep up with the books I have read, and to also write reviews. So, after some slight issues with my account (very long story I don't feel like going into right now, but it ended with me having to start a new account), I am now officially on Goodreads. Check out my page, follow my reviews, add me as a friend, whatever you feel like. It's actually a pretty cool page. Now, I just need a lot of extra time to read all these awesome books I'm discovering. You can check out my page here.


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  1. What's your favorite classic movie, Rachel? (with Audrey Hepburn, I bet?) And how about mysteries. Any favorite mystery author?