Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Final Blog Challenge Post AND What I'm Loving Wednesday....

Blog Challenge Day 30: What is your favorite comfort food?
I would have to say Blue Bell ice cream. If I'm having a bad day, or just feeling "down", I usually grab a pint of Blue Bell to make my day better. And yes, it has to be Blue Bell. :)

Just a small portion of the flavors offered by Blue Bell
Blog Challenge Day 31: What is the history behind your blog?
I honestly started a blog because a friend of mine at work had one and said she really enjoyed it. I originally thought that only my family and maybe some of my friends who would ever read it. Then I discovered blog hops, and my blog was introduced to many others. I've made some good friends through my blog (yes, they are now "real-life" friends). And after I got on Twitter, I found that I could share my blog there too. I feel so honored when someone tells me that they love reading my blog. It's really nothing special, as you can tell, it's usually some random stuff, but I'm very touched that you all read it. XOXO!! :)

I'm loving...

Spending time with my family. I went "home" last weekend and got to see my folks, my sisters, and some of my nieces and nephews. As always, a lot of pictures were taken (which of course, I'm going to share). :)

I missed my niece K and my nephew C's birthday parties the past few months, so I had to take them their presents. My nephew E's birthday is next month, so I went ahead and gave him his gift early (I felt bad giving the other two gifts in front of him). I just realized K ran off with her gifts before I got a picture with her.

C is my little Duck Dynasty fan. I got him a Duck Dynasty lunchbox, folders (for school), and headband.
I made C special Duck Dynasty pictures that I taped onto the wrapping paper. They even framed one of them he liked it so much!

E is my little Superman fan. I got him a cape, Superman blanket, and action figure (oh, and Superman underwear, which is he proudly wearing in this picture).
My sweet boys
Someone didn't want Aunt Rachel sleeping in on Friday morning, so he was over bright and early at GiGi and Pawpaw's to wake me up
We decided to go swimming for most of the morning and part of the afternoon (well, K and E did, C was in school). This was before a yellow jacket stung me. Yeah, I'm allergic to those by the way. Fun times. I'll spare you a picture of my swollen ankle (for now at least).
Swimming with Aunt Rachel. I was so proud of K, she took off her floaties and was swimming so well!
Me and my niece Alice after a long day of swimming with her kids. We were all ready for naps after that!
I'm loving...
Football. I know, baseball is my first love and it's still baseball season, but I was excited to go to a high school football game on Friday night (and I was able to catch the last half of the Texas Tech game on TV after that). And I watched the Texas A&M game on Saturday with my sister, the Aggie graduate. 
Friday Night Lights
 C loved watching football
E probably enjoyed dancing to the music the band was playing more than he did watching the game.
Watching the Texas A&M game with my two sisters and C and E
I'm loving...
That it takes so many attempts to get a picture with my little nephews and niece. The outtakes are fun though!

I'm loving...

My guy friends. I was having a blah day yesterday and some of them sent me a text to me to cheer me up. I love you guys! I'm removing their names (because I don't want to embarrass them, but they know who they are). :)

I'm loving...

That CBS is back on Time Warner. I will have football and Shemar Moore in my house this fall. Weehoo!!

YAY!!! CBS is back!
Hope everyone has a great day!


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  1. I can't believe you got stung. That is no fun. Glad you had a fun weekend visiting your family!! The little ones are so cute!