Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's OK!

Its Ok Thursdays

 It's OK...

...that I'm super excited about the Rangers season starting tomorrow, but yet my heart still hurts a little from last year. It's gonna take some time to fully recover. Hopefully a new season is just what I need!

...that I'm going to the first four Rangers games of the season. If you need me this weekend, check the Ballpark!
Isn't it beautiful??
 ...that I'm ignoring the red light on my work phone that lets me know I have a voicemail.

....that I have unfollowed about 80 Twitter accounts since yesterday (don't worry- if you follow me, I didn't unfollow you.) I mainly unfollowed celebrities/businesses, or accounts where the person hadn't tweeted in over a year. My goal is to one day have more followers than accounts that I'm following. Yes, I'm a nerd!
Yeah, I tweet a lot (especially during baseball season). But 967 people don't seem to mind! :) Follow me on Twitter here.
...that I think a lot of people are judging this movie because of what they THINK it's going to be about, and not because they have seen it. I thought it was good, and I found out it's based on a true story. Yes, it's about a sensitive topic (and I respect whatever your feelings are about it, I don't want to start a huge debate/discussion), but I felt the story was handled in such a way that it didn't point fingers at anyone. And I personally loved seeing John Schneider in a new movie (I'll always loved Bo Duke.) ;)

...that I just this past weekend saw the last movie that Cary Grant ever made (Walk, Don't Run). It was great!
Even in his 60s that man was good looking! Yes, I said it, I'm not ashamed! :)
...that a friend and I are going to read this book before seeing the movie this summer (don't judge). ;)
I'll write a review on it, at some point.
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  1. I wonder if kids in school get extra credit for reading Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter? lol

    I hope you have a great time at the ball park!!! :-)

  2. I want to see that movie!

  3. Sorry, judging a little about the Lincoln vampire book/movie... ;)

    And I totally ignore my voicemail light!! I HATE having it blink at me. Lol