Thursday, March 18, 2010

Almost Friday!!

I'm on a mission to put up at least some kind of post every day this week (so far so good)!As I've mentioned before, this month my "half" day at work falls on Friday, so all day I've kept repeating, "I only work 3 1/2 hours tomorrow, I only work 3 1/2 hours tomorrow." Of course, that has made today go by SO SLOW!

Have you ever noticed that sometimes time just seems to CRAWL by?? I mean, an hour ALWAYS takes 60 minutes, but when you are wanting that hour to be up, it seems to take forever! Have you noticed if you wake up an hour before your alarm goes off, the next hour seems to go by so fast??

Anyways, for once, I don't have HUGE plans this weekend. I have a party on Sunday afternoon after church, but besides that, nothing. And honestly, I'm looking forward to kicking back and relaxing tomorrow and Saturday. Well, I might possibly go out and buy a movie that is coming out on DVD this weekend, but only if I can find it on sale. I'm really in no rush to get it. I had a friend email me today asking if we could meet for lunch on Saturday and for once, I didn't have to look at my calendar. I told him just to let me know when he wanted to go (I'm sure he was shocked as well!)

Anyways, I was looking forward to a beautiful weekend. It has been beautiful the past few weeks (minus a rain shower or two), but the temperatures have been in the 60s and 70s. Well, tomorrow is going to be sunny with a high in the 70s (perfect for sitting on my balcony and finishing the Kay Hooper book I'm reading), but Saturday and Sunday is a different story. Winter has decided to make a final encore before letting Spring take center stage. See below for our five day forecast:

I know we need the rain (so the bluebonnets can grow), but could it at least stay in the 60s or 70s? The news this morning said that parts of north Texas might even see snow flurries. It's not the first time that Spring has been booted off stage in the middle of a performance. A few years ago we had snow storms the first week in April. I had never had a White Christmas, but I had a White Easter that year! The funniest part about that weekend is that they were holding a huge Global Warming rally in downtown Dallas. It got snowed out. Come on, you have to admit that is funny!! :)

Anyways, besides complaining that the temperature is going to drop 23 degrees tomorrow night, that is really all I have for now. Until next time....

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  1. Glad you found Texas-Blogging Gals! Will get you on the next updated list.

    Enjoyed my first visit here. Following........

    Get ready for the change in weather!