Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I have a confession. I have wasted HOURS of my life in front of my computer watching videos on YouTube. You can find practically anything on YouTube. If you miss Rascal Flatts performance on Letterman- that's okay, it's on YouTube within hours of airing. Want to see the adorable Jim Parsons from TBBT on Craig Ferguson? YouTube.  Want to learn the dance steps to Michael Jackson's Thriller video? YouTube. Want to settle a 2 hour argument with co-workers about a M&M commercial that aired in the 80s that involved little league baseball? Again, YouTube (and yes, I'm proud to say I won that argument. No one believed this commercial existed, I proved them wrong. How sad that I not only participated in that argument, but I'm proud of it.)

From commercials to TV shows to even full length movies, YouTube has it all.

It's late, and really I have no point to this post other than to share some of my favorite YouTube links. Enjoy!

Anjelah Johnson's Nail Salon comedy skit (for anyone who has ever gotten their nails done, this is hysterical!!)


Charlie Bit Me (I just think the little baby, Charlie, is so adorable). Why someone would film their kids biting each other, I'll never know. But hey, it's entertainment.


David Robinson's Basketball Hall of Fame Speech (I love the Admiral! I love how he ends his speech with scripture!)


For those wanting a good cry, video of Lou Gehrig's farewell speech:


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  1. Another tear jerker, but incredible video: 99 Balloons