Friday, October 16, 2009


Have you ever had one of “those” weeks? You know, one of those weeks where you just want it to be over with. One where you are screaming “DO OVER!” and it’s only Tuesday? I am so happy that it is Friday that I’m not sure I can even put it into words. Well, obviously I’m going to try. But I honestly feel like I should be in a Judy Blume book. “Are you there God? It’s me, Rachel.”

It started Sunday with the “Great iPhone Near-Disaster of 2009”. Then Monday I had to leave work early in order to get my car worked on. By the end of the day, I was $157 more in debt, but my car problems were fixed, at least for now. It’s amazing how much work has to be done to a vehicle AFTER it is paid off. I paid my truck off in March. Since then I have had to replace the starter, the battery, the timing belt, miscellaneous thing-a-ma-gigs under the hood, and the flux capacitor. I guess I can add a new tire to the list now. Oh, despite my car woes, I need to give a big shout–out to Randy at Petrik’s Auto (located on Main St. in Duncanville). He’s getting a shout out because 1) he was nice and didn’t treat me like the dumb car-clueless girl that I am, and 2) he didn’t charge me for the brake fluid or advice about my tires. Sadly, at Discount Tire, they did not take pity on me and give me a free tire. But Nate, the kid that helped me, was very nice.

Tuesday I went to the dentist and found out I need to go back next month because it's time for my yearly X-rays. I don't understand why they couldn't have done it then. I mean, I was already there and no one was in the waiting room. But no, I had to set up another appointment. But on a more positive note, I still have a credit at the dental office from when my insurance overpaid them when I got my crown.

Wednesday I got my second jury duty notice of the year. I went over 30 years and never got called for jury duty, now I've been called twice in less than 6 months. It's not that bad, but I do have to serve the week of Thanksgiving, that is kind of a bummer. At least it's the Tuesday before and not the day after. The first time I got called for jury duty was for a murder trial (obviously I didn't get picked). Maybe I'll just remind them I'm a conservative Christian who is pro concealed handgun laws and the death penalty. That seemed to work last time in me not getting picked! :)

So, on top of all the "petty stuff", it’s just been one of “those” weeks at work. I try not to complain because I am thankful I have a job, and that I no longer work at the evil place that is AHFC. I’ll just leave it at I’m having work woes. I won’t go into gory details. Who knows who might stumble across my blog on the Internet!

So after a week of feeling like God is sitting there, looking down, going, “Okay, nobody move, no one help her, she needs to figure this one out on her own”, I think I figured it out. I thought of this verse last night. “Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10) Be STILL?? As in, SLOW DOWN? My friends joke that there is a 2 month waiting period and a down deposit just to spend time with me. They are kidding, of course, but I do tend to overextend myself. I mean, I have had friends plan events from house warming parties to weddings around my schedule before. I can’t help it, it’s in my blood. There are other members of my family (who shall remain nameless since they can read this blog too), who tend to overdo it and take on too much as well.

Last night I was going over my plans for another jammed packed, fun-filled weekend in the life of Rachel, and I got exhausted just thinking about it. Couldn’t I just stay home on Saturday and clean while watching the Texas/OU game? WAIT- CLEAN?? “Georgeanne? Is that you??” (for those who don’t know, Georgeanne is my mom. She is a cleaning queen.) Okay, now that has to be divine intervention when I would rather clean than go out with friends and watch football. So, new plans for the weekend. Besides going to church on Saturday night, and my friend’s house warming party afterwards (which yes, was semi-planned around my schedule), I’m taking a “me time” weekend. God obviously wants me to slow down, so I plan to be obedient and do so. I have no clue what He wants me to hear or get out of this weekend, but I guess I need to “be still” and listen to find out.

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