Wednesday, September 7, 2016

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving...
That my bestie Zach is coming up to see me this weekend. We are going to an art gallery opening on Saturday and the Cowboys home opener on Sunday! We are SO cultured. :)

At a minor league game with Zach earlier this summer
I'm loving...
That I went to so many Rangers games over the past two weeks. It was exhuasting, but fun! Out of the ten games I saw, I saw eight wins. And it's always so great to see friends (and family) when I'm at the Ballpark!

I won tickets to my company's suite one night- we had a lot of fun!!
Got to see former Rangers player David Murphy last Saturday at the Ballpark
I'm loving...
The new additions to my bobblehead collection.

I'm loving...
That I finally got to try out the Lazy River at the the Frisco RoughRider ballpark- some friends and I went last Thursday night. I highly recommend trying it out next year (since their season is now over). The ticket includes all you can eat/drink (soda). It's very relaxing to float in the water while watching baseball. Just keep a heads up for a home run ball!

I'm loving...
That the State Fair of Texas starts at the end of this month. I went to the RoughRider game again on Friday night and the first 500 fans got a free ticket to the Fair. I can't wait to go. I also met the voice of Big Tex himself!

A "mini" Big Tex.
Howdy folks...

I'm loving...
When I meet Twitter peeps at the Ballpark!

My Twitter friend Chris and his family just happened to be sitting behind me at the game on Saturday! It was so random! My friend bought the tickets, so I wasn't even in my usual seat. 
This new Twitter friend and I actually met while waiting to meet David Murphy. We decided to start following each other on Twitter- you can never have too many Rangers friends!
I'm loving...
Unexpected gifts from friends! They make me feel so loved!

My friend Monica (2.0) gave me this as a late birthday present (I hadn't really seen her since my birthday in May).
My sweet Twitter friend Peter sent me this from San Antonio
I'm loving...
That J.K. Rowling "liked" another tweet of mine. I think we are best friends now. I should probably invite her to supper. :)

I'm loving...
This shirt my cousin Kristen gave me. I wore it to the game on Sunday- no luck though, no guy proposed to me. Lol. Maybe next time.

I'm loving...
That I'm slowly working on my scrapbooks again. My living room looks like Michael's and Hobby Lobby threw up, but oh well. Lol.

What are YOU loving today? Be sure to comment below (or leave a message on Twitter or Facebook). 


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  1. You really do have the most fun! I love that baseball tank! I want one! & JK Rowling liked one of your tweets - yes, you must invite her (& me) to dinner! :)

    Have a great weekend, Rachel!