Thursday, September 1, 2016

My Kind of Town...Chicago (Part 2)

For part one of my Chicago recap, click here.

My second full day in Chicago started out with thunder and rain pouring down. It was so bad I couldn't see out the windows of Harrie's apartment. I was super bummed because we had tickets for a 9:30 am tour of Wrigley Field and then tickets to the afternoon Cubs game. I was accepting the fact that I might not be able to experience Wrigley Field and was becoming devastated. It was also Harrie's birthday (and who wants rain on their birthday?) By the time we left to catch the L train, the rain had stopped but there were still dark clouds everywhere. The closer we got to Wrigley, the lighter the sky got (not sunny, but not pitch black). I was praying that the rain would hold off long enough for the tour and the game. By the time we walked from the L station to the field, the sun had started to come out. YAY!!!

The tour was AMAZING! I highly recommend it if you are a baseball fan. There is so much history! Our tour guide's name was Harry and he has been a Cubs fan his entire life. His little grandson was on the tour (it was that little guy's first time at Wrigley). We got to go down onto the field (because it was game day, we couldn't go in the dugout or locker room, but that was okay). 

They had a rope around the dirt track and we were told not to go past it. I didn't go all the way to Wrigley to be told I couldn't touch the grass, so I rebelled (what can I say, I'm a rule breaker).

Gotta love the Snapchat features!
After the tour we got in line for the bleacher seats (there is a separate entrance for bleacher seating). Harrie got a sticker stating it was her birthday and I got a certificate with my name and the date stating it was my first Cubs game. They had a Cubs cap giveaway that day and since the Cubs are a National League team (and I have no ill feelings towards them), I gladly wore it. I also needed it to protect my head because by then the sun was out (thank you Lord!!) and it was getting pretty warm. Since it was raining when we left Harrie's, I didn't think about bringing a cap (or sunscreen). Thankfully Harrie had sunscreen to protect my ever-blinding white complexion. We sat in front of a nice couple. They joked if I took a selfie, they were going to photobomb it, so I couldn't disappoint them. Lol. The Navy Seals parachuted onto the field (that was an awesome sight to see) and Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder threw out the first pitch. 

Sporting my Cubs cap. I actually like it!
A view from our seats
My souvenir cup
Having some Wrigley gum at Wrigley field (I know, I'm a nerd)
The game was good- the Cubs are having a great season. Harrie said that she's been there when you could walk up at game time and get cheap tickets. This game was pretty much sold out (and it was on a Thursday afternoon). Bleacher tickets were going for $75 that morning on StubHub. Cubs player Kris Bryant had an awesome game- going 5 for 5 at the plate and hitting two home runs (sadly no home run balls came our way). Even though I'm not a Cubs fan, I respect good players (except David Freese) and enjoy seeing a good game. 

We noticed a guy walking by wearing a Little Red Riding Hood costume. Evidently it was his bachelor party. The other members of the party had on wolf masks. They were funny!

The Cubs ended up winning 9-6. After a win the crowd sings a song called Go Cubs Go. It was pretty cool to see that tradition live and in person.

Another picture by the sign, this time with the final score and not some advertisement 

After the game we walked to a restaurant to meet some of Harrie's friends for her birthday dinner. It was a lot of fun and I met one of her friends who is also from Texas (so I had someone to talk to). Although let's be honest, I can usually make conversation with just about anyone. Lol. It's a gift. And a curse. Oh fun story. Remember how I prayed the rain would hold off until after the game? There was a down pour while we were AT the restaurant (but it stopped before we left). Thank you God. After dinner we went to an ice cream place called Jeni's. I got some yogurt and it was quite good!! We finally took a Lyft car back to Harrie's later that night. It was a long, exhausting, but FABULOUS day!

101 in 1001 update:
I can officially cross #4 off my list: Attend games at five ballparks I've never been to. Wrigley was my fifth one!

I am going to try and give my Danville recap next (HOPEFULLY tomorrow). Then I will wrap up my Chicago recap after that! Thanks for reading!


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  1. Boo to the Cubs! I wish the Brewers would have won for you instead. ;) One day I would really like to get there, it is on my Bucket List to see a game there, that's for sure.

    Have a great weekend, girlie!