Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday

I found another blog hop for Thursdays (for when I want to take a break from It's OK Thursday, which isn't even a link up anymore). LOL. Thanks to my friend Jodi for mentioning this one to me! 

Thoughts for Thursday
-I'm excited that we had five people link up yesterday for What I'm Loving Wednesday. You might laugh that we are excited about only five people, but hey, that's five new blogs to link up! I'm looking forward to where this blog hop will take us. I like that it is holding us accountable to blog at least once a week (so far I've been good about blogging at least a few times a week). That's better than my track record over the past year. 

-I'm overwhelmed with the responses I got on social media when I asked people what one word they thought of to describe me. I'm working on a blog post where I'm going to use them (I did have a reason for asking it). I honestly thought a few people would answer and I would get "typical" answers. I'm blown away with the responses. If I ever say something about not being loved or nobody caring about me, you have the right to Gibbs slap me.

-I'm so over things right now. I'm over Kayne West. I'm over 50 Shades of Grey. I'm over Brian Williams. I'm over Tiger Woods and his "retirement". I'm over Jon Stewart. Wait, I really don't have a beef with Jon Stewart. Never mind. Honestly, I've never watched his show so I have no reason to have a beef with him. Best of luck in your retirement (or whatever the reason is you are leaving your show). I'm waiting for the day when one of those topics is not mentioned on my Twitter timeline or Facebook news feed. Hurry up baseball season so my timeline can be filled with Rangers news once again.

-I have about 40 hours of shows and movies recorded on my DVR (sadly, this isn't an exaggeration), and what do I do when I actually have time to watch TV? I start watching Supernatural season one on Netflix. For the umpteenth time. Again, I'm not obsessed (but in the near future I might be willing to admit there is a slight addiction). Does anyone else remember how nice and "normal" season one was? They were just two brothers on a journey to find their dad ("saving people, hunting things, the family business"). Oh, if we only knew where we would end up...

-My sinus infection is still lingering, I'm still having breathing issues when I try and sleep. I took some Benadryl a few hours ago, hoping it would help me be able to breathe and fall asleep early (I'm typing this post on Wednesday night), but alas, I'm still wide awake. I think this is the most I've been awake all day. Sleep isn't even on my radar. :( I don't usually take Benadryl, but I think it's one of those drugs that keep me awake instead of making be drowsy. Sigh. This is going to be another long night.

-After being told twice last week by two different people that they could tell I've lost weight, I so have been slacking with my diet and working out. I've only worked out once this week (I'm so ashamed). I really need to get back on track. But on a good note, I had my biometric screening done at work this week and I've lost nine pounds since December. Yay! Also my cholesterol and glucose number look good. Whew! :)
We are almost to Friday my friends! Hang in there!



  1. I am so with you at least on the 50 Shades of Grey...I am tired of hearing about it. I know that it's bad...I knew that before the movie came to be...I'm just done.

    And I can't take Benadryl to makes me stay awake. Also, evidently cough meds with codeine keep me I found out when I was sick a couple of weeks ago.

    I'm enjoying seeing your blog up & running...maybe one day I'll get back to mine. :)


  2. So sorry I didn't link up yesterday! I had every intention to, but I just couldn't find words to type. So I closed the browser. :( And seriously-- I'll be so glad when the hype for this gross movie dies down. Congrats on your weight loss!! So exciting even though you don't need it!! :)

  3. The GIBBS slap, love it!

    I'm over all of what you posted too. 50 Shades is everywhere and it's just blah, sooooooo bandwagon.