Monday, February 9, 2015

Mobile Monday

Current pictures on my phone...

Last week I had to go see the nurse practitioner at work for my sinus infection. This is me killing time in the waiting room. 
I know someone who had dental work done last week. I obviously have no sympathy. Lol. 
This was recently installed in the third floor break room at my office. My diet is officially over. Lol.
I should never be trusted in a bookstore. I went in to buy ONE book. I walked out with four. 
So Saturday night I was in bed and all sorts of comfy (watching Netflix on my laptop) when a friend called and told me he was at a party near my house. After a little guilt trip (possibly some bribing), I agreed to make an appearance. I ended up with a hat to wear while I was there. Lol. I had fun though, I'm glad I went.
If you live up north, don't read this. Yesterday was a beautiful 72 degree day in the Metroplex, so I sat outside by my pool and read for a while. 
I love Gobstoppers. I will eat this whole bag in two days if I'm not careful. I gotta pace myself. Lol.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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  1. I have that same bag of candy right now and I can't stop eating them! Hahaha!