Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Never Ever Ever...

I haven't linked up with my friend Neely for this blog hop in FOREVER, so I thought I would try it out again!

Never Ever Ever...

...will I give up on sports. Yes, I get emotionally invested in them. Yes, I get my heart broke over them (quite frequently in fact). Yes, I might send out texts saying sports are dumb (sorry Chance and Brian for my emotional texting, I'll try and remain calm next time). :) But I'll always love them, regardless. And I'll keep watching. Yes, I'm looking at you Rangers and Cowboys. For better or for worse, in wins and in losses, until death due us part. I'm here for the long haul.

...will I say, "there is nothing to watch on Netflix." Oh, I WILL find something to watch. Even if it's a really bad horror movie that makes Sharknado look Oscar-worthy, I will watch it.

...will I discuss politics on social media (or in person for that matter). I'm so sick of statuses and tweets that say, "All [insert political party here] are stupid and have their heads up their [insert body part here]." I really wish we could all get along. We have different views and beliefs, and I understand we have the right to voice our opinion, I respect that, BUT name-calling and being flat out rude is not going help.

...will I say, "I think I've pinned enough pictures of Jensen Ackles to my Pinterest board".

You are welcome ladies...
...will I look forward to working out. I see people all the time so excited about going to the gym and how much they love it. Either they are lying so they look better than everyone else, or I somehow missed out on the "I love working out" gene. I mean, I'll work out, but I'm not going to LOVE IT. Most of the time I am half-convinced I will not make it out of my workout alive. 

Happy Tuesday my lovelies! XOXO!


  1. Right there with ya on the working out crap. Oh and the politics talk too. I knew there was a reason we are friends!!

  2. Amen on the politics talk. Name-calling and pointing fingers is why nothing is currently getting done in Washington. Both sides are acting like babies and refuse to compromise. I think they should all be sent back to kindergarten to learn about sharing and listening to each other.

  3. I don't do politics on social media either! I feel like that's a hush hush topic.

    LOL at the working out. I totally think people are lying when they say they look forward to it too.