Monday, October 8, 2012

Phone Photo Fun Monday

I decided to link up for the last edition of Phone Photo Fun Monday (I'm so sad it's going away). :(

Here's what you'll find on my phone this week...

My fortune from Pei Wei. I so hope this is true, I could use some happier days!
The weather forecast as of Saturday morning. Gotta love Texas- if you don't like the weather, just wait, it will change.
The sweet text I got from my nephews C and E after the Rangers were eliminated from the playoffs last weekend.
I found this shirt at Kohl's. I was so tempted to buy it! :)
I finally found seasons 8 and 9 of The Waltons this past weekend (thus completing my DVD collection of the series). Best Buy had them on sale for $9.99 (normally $34.99 each). I also got the reunion movies DVD for $9.99. Yes, I'm a dork, I know this.
Got to see my cousin Jason this past weekend. We were at a birthday party for my cousin Kristen's daughter.
Cousin Ray-Ray with the birthday girl Miss L!
Me with Jason's oldest son, A. He was being a little punk on Saturday night, but I still love him. Don't let that cute smile fool you! :)
Hope everyone has a great day!



  1. Looks like a fun weekend! No comments on the Walton's DVD! :)

  2. Like all your photos, Rachel. Don't you just love Grandpa Walton? He was always my favorite.

  3. Love the "bazinga" - as would any hard core Big Bang Theory nut

  4. I love all your photos but your first caption has me a little sad- I truly hope you find your happy days, you deserve them!