Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's OK Thursday...

It's OK...

...that I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new and different (no, I'm not going to elaborate right now, stay tuned...)

...that I'm trying to figure out who I'm supposed to like and who I'm supposed to hate on the show Revenge. I LOVE it (thanks to my sister Mary for introducing it to me over the summer. I spent a month watching season one on Netflix. Season two just started this past month). I know that Emily is the protagonist, but sometimes I wonder if she is really a good person or a bad person. I can't stand Ashley or Faux Amanda. Nolan started growing on me at the end of last season. I can't decide if I'm Team Jack or Team Daniel. I think I'm leaning more towards Team Jack (if you watch the show, you know what I mean).

(l-r) Daniel, Emily, Jack
...that I went home after being released from jury duty early instead of being a good employee and going in to work.

...that I started watching the show Chicago Fire because I love a good drama series with quality writing, special effects, and good acting.
Or maybe it's because my friend Laura told me the show was about hot firemen. You decide! :)
...that I watch entirely too many TV shows. I told myself I wouldn't start watching any new shows, I'm out of control. I didn't mention earlier that my sister also got me hooked on the CW show Hart of Dixie. I just watched season one on Netflix and am catching up on season two on Hulu. I really need to get a life. :) be 34 years old and buy dinosaur shaped nuggets. Hey- they were on sale! Don't be hatin'!

...that this picture makes me laugh and feel a little sad all at the same time.

What's OK with you today?



  1. Chicago Fire is a quality show! I can watch it with the sound down and I get almost as much from it as with the sound up. It is an amazing show!

  2. havnt heard of a new show with fireman.. need to check it out!!

  3. Those dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets are GOOD. Dylan used to love those (and I may have eaten my fair share as well).

    And who wouldn't love a show with hot firemen in it (although I can't say that I've watched it because I think it comes on opposite of other shows I like).

    But I DO like Hart of Dixie. It's not my ultra favorite...but it made "the cut" for me! :)

  4. I often say to myself "she has a boyfriend and I don't?!" But then I realize I would never date the guy that "she" is with! Ha!

  5. Oh yes, the dinosaur shaped nuggets.

    We may be soul mates.

  6. oh my goodness the ecard is hilarious!