Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blog Challenge 2012- Day 5

Day 5: What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now.

1. Jesus. I can't lie and say that my life is perfect and that I have everything I've ever wanted, but ya know what, at the end of the day, Jesus loves me, and that is all that matters! :)

2. My friends. I mention them a lot, don't I? :) I really appreciated all of them checking in on me while my mom was in the hospital. Thanks to everyone on Twitter and Facebook for your well wishes. Your prayers meant so much to me!!
Me with my baseball home girls at a Frisco Roughrider game on Friday night (Rangers minor league team). I'm wearing the new cap they got me for my birthday!
3. Baseball*
Dr Pepper Ballpark (where the Roughriders play). We sat on the lawn just past the outfield wall (gate?), they were actually cool seats! And only $7!
4. My trip to Memphis in September. Some friends and I are going to visit Graceland (finally!) I'm excited, I've always wanted to go! :)

I promise to take pictures of any Elvis sightings! :)
5. Netflix. Okay, maybe it's not really in the top five things that make me happy, but I honestly couldn't think of anything else at the moment. I have seriously become a Netflix junkie over the past week. I had to wait 2.5 hours at the DMV yesterday to renew my driver's license and was so thankful I had a Netflix app on my phone. I may shamefully admit a few TV shows that I have started watching on Netflix, but that's a post for another day!
*I am happy it's baseball season, but I am NOT happy with how the Rangers have been playing lately. I can't even talk about it. No really, I can't. As much as I *heart* Craig Gentry (he's an outfielder) when he comes in to PITCH during the game, you know it's has gotten bad. I wonder if Nolan Ryan could still pitch? At this point, I'm pretty sure my 3 year old nephew C could have pitched better than Scott Feldman. There, I said it. I'm not hitting the panic button YET, but I'm hovering over it.

It seemed shameful to mention Gentry and not post a picture. ;)

Hope y'all have a great day!



  1. Gentry pitched last night?? Hahaha-- that's funny. You know, Chris Davis DID get a win for Baltimore a few weeks ago. So, it's not totally insane, although that game last night was pretty rough.

    Yay for Graceland!! You know, Memphis is halfway to NC... Just sayin... :)

  2. Graceland!? Very cool!

  3. Feldman was bad last night, but everyone's hatred toward him was a little much last night. I almost shut off twitter because it was so bad. No, Scott's not an ace. He's never pretended to be. But he has contributed to this team in the past. Not last night, but ... he has. I'm not at all rational and unbiased when it comes to Feldman though. Not sure why I root so strongly for him.

  4. Looks to me like you've got your priorities in order. :)

  5. Great list.

    By the way, I'm two days behind.... on what should be day 5. I'm not doing so well. ;)

  6. Basically, I will not miss Feldman or Lewis when they are gone. I think Feldman is way overpaid...well, he IS way overpaid. He had one good season and has disappeared except for an occasional spot performance that brings back 2010 memories. That said, there are a lot of players on this team that perform well, at times, and generally, hit or pitch spotty when it really matters. I am not mentioning names in print for fear of my life!

  7. I love love love number one- you have such a positive perspective. And maybe I will see you at Graceland- we are only 5 hours away and I have been begging my husband to take me!