Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Tunes- Halloween Edition

It's been a while since I've done Tuesday Tunes. With Halloween less than a week away, I decided to make it a Halloween themed list today!

Thriller (I think I was about 4 when this video came out and it used to freak me out!) If you just want to hear where he starts to sing the song, go to 4:41 of the video, but honestly, you don't want to miss the bad acting and cheesy make-up at the beginning! :) For those who care, the Thriller "dance" starts at 8:24.

Monster Mash (it's okay, you can admit that you like this song, I won't tell anyone!)

Disney's Halloween Treat (anyone else remember this from the early 80s? Disney aired it every year at Halloween.)

Ghostbusters Theme

Somebody's Watching Me (it's such a cheesy video, and song for that matter, but Psych did a parody of it once, and it made me laugh!)

Halloween Theme

Freddy's Coming For You

I Put A Spell On You



  1. I have no intention of listening to any of those scary-looking videos until Kevin is home from Spokane! lol Thanks for stopping in, Rachel. It seems like a looooong time, but that's because I was gone to Denver for a week and didn't blog at all during that time!

    Have a great day, Rachel.

  2. I put a spell on you on Hocus Pocus is my favorite!

  3. Yeah, I'm not gonna watch these. Hahaha. Monster Mash is freaky. Thriller was traumatizing when I watched it as a kid, but now it's just weird. Lol.