Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Thirteen- Confessions of Crime Show Addict

Last July I posted 13 of my favorite TV shows from my childhood (go here to view those). If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time, you might have noticed me mentioning my "unhealthy addiction to crime shows". It's true. I watch a lot. For my Thursday Thirteen I thought I would list 13 crime shows that I watch (or have watched in the past, some of these are not on the air anymore).

1. CSI: (Las Vegas). Out of the CSI trilogy, this one is my favorite!

I **heart** nerds. Greg is one of my favorites!

My favorite Nick scene (despite his short hair- which I don't like). George Eads is a Texas boy. I knew his mom when I was in college. More about that another day!

2. CSI: New York: This is probably a very close second to my favorite show. This show has a lot of great actors. Gary Sinise is one of my favorites!

Gary Sinise- I will forever call him Lt. Dan!
3. CSI: Miami: I'll be honest, Adam Rodriguez is the only thing keeping me interested in this show. There, I said it! So what if I'm shallow? ;)

Adam Rodriguez, AKA Eric Delko on CSI: Miami
4. Criminal Minds: I only starting watching this one about two years ago, but thanks to reruns on cable, I think I've caught up on most of them!

5. NCIS: I finally drank the NCIS Kool-Aid and started watching this show last year. I love Mark Harmon's character. He is great in this! And of course my tradition of liking the geeky/nerdy guy continues- absolutely love the McGee character! :)

Sweet geeky McGee.

6. NCIS: Los Angeles: I actually started watching NCIS: Los Angeles before I started watching NCIS. I love Chris O'Donnell!! :) He is really good in this!

7. Psych: Okay, I know this more of a comedy, but it's still involves crime! :) Shawn and Gus are two of my favorite characters ever!

8. The Mentalist: I felt guilty when I first started watching this show because I felt like I was cheating on Psych (the producers of Psych feel The Mentalist is a rip-off of their show). There are similarities, but they aren't exactly the same. Simon Baker is great in this show!

9. Cold Case: I wish this show hadn't just ended last season, it didn't really have a series finale. It was a good show!

10. Monk: I absolutely adore Tony Shalhoub. Sleuth TV has started airing reruns of Monk, so I try and watch them whenever I can! And yes, it was also a comedy, but it had crime! :)

11. Without A Trace: Ah, another show that I miss. Or maybe I just miss seeing Eric Close on a weekly basis. (I think my friend Penelope would agree with me!) :)

12. Diagnosis Murder: Yes, the only reason I started watching this was because Dick Van Dyke was in it. I may or may not have the first three seasons on DVD! :)

13. Murder She Wrote: This actually might have been the show that started the whole crime show obsession. My folks and I used to watch this on Sunday nights after church when I was growing up. How can you not like Angela Lansbury?

Head over to For the Love of Blogs and see what other drinks are being served up for Thirsty Thursday! A co-worker and I have decided to have a weekly Dr Pepper break (just to get caught up on life- he moved to the other side of the building, I don't see him as much as I used to). Yes, Dr Pepper is a common drink for my Thirsty Thursday, I can't help it! :)



  1. I absolutely love this post! Although, I never really watched Monk. This would totally be my list though. Except I'd swap Monk out for Bones. And put that at the top of the list. :D and Adam Rodriguez is hottt!

  2. Dr. Pepper lovers UNITE! =)

  3. you couldn't have made my thurs any better! i LOVE them so much too and yes, i hear you speaking of them often:) adam rod. has my heart...i want to marry him! maybe someday! xo...hope you like the button i made you on ftlob:)

  4. You're not shallow if you like cuteness :)

  5. NCIS!! Been a fan ever since the first season. Love the cast of characters and they way they have developed together. Another really good one that is on right now is that Detroit one - Detroit 187 something like that. I think they are going to cancell it and it's sad because it is sort of a little bit like Homicide Life on the Streets (best police drama ever)

  6. That is a lot of crime! haha. I love Dr P too! xo

  7. I didn't realize there were that many crime shows out there.

    - Alice

  8. I'm with you on 9 out of the 13. 1,3,12 &13 aren't on my personal list. But I could easily add Castle, Hawaii 5-0, Criminal Minds:Suspect Behavior, Law & Order:SVU and Bones--and those are just the ones that are still on. So you're not alone! :)

    Happy TT,

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  9. I like crime shows too. Happy TT!

  10. You are not alone - I love crime shows. I broke my teeth on Barnaby Jones, Rockford Files, Cannon and Hawaii Five-O. They've changed a bit since then and I think for the better. When I was called to jury the very first question was "Do you watch crime CIS or NCIS?" everyone raised their hand.

  11. Great choices! I love Without a Trace! Hope you had a wonderful day!

  12. Hi there! Lovely blog, your banner is beautiful! Thirsty Thursday Blog Hopper!

    Come and visit soon!

  13. Wish I had enough silence in my house to actually watch, listen, and make it through these crime shows. I loved watching CSI a couple of years ago. Following via blog hop thur. Hope to see you soon at


  14. All this crime, Rachel! I wonder what it says about you. LOL I love British murder mysteries myself. :-)

  15. Did you see the skit parodying these on SNL? "It's gurney month on CBS." "We have more body bags than any other network."

  16. I love your 101 in 1001 days so much i started my own list & reffered back to you! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  17. I love a good crime show... we watch both NCIS versions at our house, some Psych, did watch Monk... haven't ever really gotten into the CSI, probably just because I don't need more TV time!

    Great post, hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  18. I LOVE all of these shows but 4, 7 and 9 are my absolute faves! Psych cracks me up! And the fact that you included Murder She Wrote and Diagnosis Murder makes me love you even more! Hope you are having a terrific weekend!