Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thursday 13: 13 Things I Wish I Were Doing

I wish I were...

1. Reading a book. It's BEAUTIFUL outside, the perfect weather to be on my balcony reading, but alas, I'm stuck inside.

2. Working on my novel. I haven't written anything in a while, I need to find something to snap me out of my writer's block. 

3. Watching the Rangers play baseball. Sadly our postseason run ended earlier than I wanted it to, but hey, at least the Blue Jays are now out of it (suck it Jose Bautista). 

4. Having a Supernatural marathon with my bestie Mandy. She lives in Austin and sadly we don't get to see each other as often as we would like. BUT, we do text daily (in fact she just sent me a text as soon as I started writing this- it's like she knew I was talking about her!) :) We love the show Supernatural and we sometimes watch episodes over the phone together (don't judge us). But it would be nice to have a marathon with her in person. 
Me and Mandy with the stars of Supernatural, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki (yes, I'll use any excuse to post this picture again). :)
5. Going to my great-nephew E's birthday party this weekend. Sadly I am unable to get out of town to celebrate his 7th birthday. :(

Aunt Rachel's sweet boy
6. In better shape so my High Intensity Interval Training workouts weren't kicking my butt. I'm determined to stick with them though, my goal is to be in shape for my cruise in January. 

7. Better at updating my blog. I seem to update on average once a week, sometimes twice if you are I am lucky. I need motivation and a purpose to keep up with it. I did change my header last night though (did you notice??)

8. Better at expressing my emotions. Sometimes I just keep things bottled up because it's easier than talking about them (I know, that's not healthy). My therapist would not be pleased hearing me say that.

9. Going to the Billy Joel concert in San Antonio in December. I saw him last year in Dallas and it was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. I would love to see him again. I just would want him to sing SOMETHING from his An Innocent Man album (it's my favorite). Last time he didn't sing one song from it. :(

10. Having a girls night out with my bestie Brandy (I CAN HAVE MORE THAN ONE BESTIE- STOP JUDGING ME). We had one last month and it was a lot of fun. We have plans to get together next month, but it's literally a month away. Sigh.

11. A better cook. I'm trying, I really am. My spiritual gift is not cooking though. But if you want some form of chicken or pasta or cauliflower rice, I got those recipes down pat. Lol.

12. Out of debt (I know, everyone wishes that). One day I will be, one day!

13. Going on vacation. I need a vacation. Even if it's just a stay-cation. I just need time for me. I've been so busy lately.


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