Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Just letting you know it's late as I'm typing this post, so my apologies for any grammatical errors! :)

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I'm loving...
That I FINALLY got to see Garth Brooks in concert last Thursday night. He was AMAZING!! My friend Monica and I had bought seats in the nosebleed section (we didn't care, we were going to be there). About an hour before the concert started, we were able to obtain FLOOR SEATS (long story). So needless to say, it was AWESOME! It still would have been a good concert even if we had sat in our original seats, but it was only the second time in my life I had floor seats to a concert, and I loved it! Before the concert we got to meet Hawkeye from Dallas country radio station KSCS (he's my favorite radio DJ). He has actually written a book called The Travis Club. I highly recommend it! Trisha Yearwood (Garth's wife) was also at the concert and came out to sing a few of her songs. It made me miss 90s country music- it was so good!!

Me and Hawkeye
View from our floor seats
Waiting on Garth
Garth put on an amazing show! This was his first of SEVEN concerts in Dallas. He performed Thursday, two on Friday, two on Saturday, Sunday, and then last night
Trisha Yearwood!
I'm loving...
That I got to check out the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. My friend Zach was in town last weekend and he wanted to check out this museum. I had never been (I used to drive through downtown Dallas on my way home from work and watched it being built). It was really interesting. It had a lot of stuff for kids, so next time my little nephews are in town, I'm going to take them. It also has stuff for the big kids. :)

Me and Zach at the Perot
They had an area about weather. You could pick the weather forecast and be a "weather person" complete with the green screen and teleprompter. We were like kids seeing ourselves on TV. Lol
These rock had a greenish glow to them, so I came to the obvious conclusion that it was kryptonite. From the look the Perot Museum employee gave me when I asked him to confirm that, I'm guessing I'm correct. He didn't answer me. He's probably sworn to secrecy.  

I'm loving...
Going to baseball games with my friends. I love baseball anyways, but going with friends makes the game even better! Especially when the game doesn't turn out as well as you wanted it to!

Some of my sweet friends!
Zach bought these seats as a late birthday present for me (my birthday is in May- we celebrate in September. That's how we roll). ;) We were 11 rows from the field!
So glad I got to see my friend Ethan on Sunday. I hadn't seen him in over a year! :)

I'm loving...
Art museums. Zach and I went to the Kimbell in Fort Worth while he was in town. I will not confirm or deny that these paintings had a NO PHOTOGRAPHY logo next to them. In my opinion, Van Gogh and Monet would have wanted people to "accidentally" take a picture of them while pretending to text. 

I'm loving...
Kolaches from The Czech Stop in West, Texas (the town of West, not geographically west Texas). The town of West is near Waco. It's a must stop if you are traveling on I-35. Zach stopped on his way to Dallas and got cinnamon rolls (for him) and kolaches (for me). I'm not sure if I was more excited to see him or the kolaches. Lol.

What are you loving today?

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