Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Thank you to everyone who links up with us each week (or almost every week)! We really enjoy reading your blogs! :)

I'm loving...
That I got to see some of my family over Father's Day weekend. Three of my five siblings were there (including my brother Mark, who I sadly don't see that often). And of course I got to see my sweet great-nephews, C and E. Hugs from them always make things better! And I got my obligatory Father's Day picture with my daddy (top left corner).

I'm loving...
This late birthday present from a sweet friend of mine. He actually emailed me a Groupon gift card so I could order it myself (he didn't have my mailing address). I LOVE it. 

I'm loving...
That I get to see my beautiful friend Micah this week- she will be in town visiting! We are going to a Rangers game while she is here (it's a day game-I promise to wear sunscreen this time). :)

Picture of the last Rangers game we were at together- in like 2012
I'm loving...
Hot tea. I've been drinking a lot of it lately. I have a cup every morning at work with my breakfast. :)

I'm loving...
This sweet dog named Murphy. I went to see a good friend of mine in the hospital last week. Murphy is a therapy dog and was making the rounds to each room to visit patients. He was so sweet. His owner said that he loves going to visit people.

I'm loving...
Meeting up with my Twitter peeps to watch Rangers games. I went to two watching parties last week. I had a lot of fun at both of them.

I'm loving...
That I was able to see my friend Diana before she moved to California. She and I used to work together, and her last day was during a week I wasn't at work. I thought I had missed a chance to say goodbye. Thankfully she was still in town for a few extra weeks so I went by to see her last Friday.

I'm loving...
Garage sales. Diana was having a garage sale and I got ALL of this stuff for an insanely low price (seriously, it's ridiculous that she didn't charge me that much). Lol. I practically have a new wardrobe (and like seven new pairs of shoes and a lot of new jewelry). 

What are YOU loving today??


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  1. You really did hit the mother load at the garage sale. Awhoo hoo!

    So, how are your Rangers doing? My Brewers are not having a good year. :(

    Mandie ~