Monday, March 2, 2015

My weekend!

Hello my sweet friends! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Mine was pretty relaxing. It started on Friday with SNOW in Dallas. Okay, I'm sure all of you up north will laugh that we were excited with the little amount of snow we got, but hey, it doesn't snow that often, so when we see any amount of it, we get excited. We also get stupid when driving (but alas, that's a story for another day). 

It started snowing about 9 am. I was already at my office, so about 10:30 I asked a co-worker if she would take my picture in the snow. Yes, we are also nerds that have to document the snow with pictures. My office had once again allowed us to wear jeans (I tell you, this NEVER happens, much less twice in the same week). 

Yes, it wasn't a lot, but hey, it was snow. The picture on the top left is my new favorite picture of me. :)
Fridays are usually my half-days at work anyways, so I left by the early afternoon. I decided to go to the grocery store then, just so I wouldn't have to worry about it later in the weekend. It was still snowing pretty hard by the time I got home, so yes, I took more pictures. Lol. 

I'll have to remember what my pool looked like covered in snow when it's 107 this summer. 
I was told that I needed to do a Mary Tyler Moore pose (I guess the picture of me looking up at the snow reminded people of the Mary Tyler Moore Show intro.) For those who don't know it, here you go...

I never want to disappoint, so I went ahead and took a picture like that...along with some other ones. Lol.

"I'm gonna make it afterall..."
Despite the crummy weather, my friend Monica and I rode the train to the American Airlines Center to see a Stars game for our friend Beks' birthday. I guess the weather must have scared off a lot of people, because there was hardly anyone at the game. Or it could have been the fact that the Stars are stinking it up this season, but why go there.
We got to see our good friend Michael (bottom L) and I got to meet the infamous Grubes (bottom R) ,who is a Twitter friend. I also finally met the new Stars mascot, Victor E. Green.
Starting at top L: Me and the birthday girl Beks; spending some time talking to Beks' husband Chuck; The Stars paid their respects to Mr. Spock. I never watched Star Trek, but I know Leonard Nimoy was loved by millions; Me with Beks and Monica- my hockey homegirls!
When we got back to the train station after the game, it was still snowing/sleeting. The drive to my apartment wasn't too bad, there was a little ice on the one bridge I had to cross. I was happy to finally get home. The rest of the weekend I spent pretty much inside my apartment. I got caught up on some DVR watching (I possibly watched about 10 hours of TV on Saturday- don't judge me). I did workout both Saturday night and Sunday night (after a guilt trip from my friend Matt-lol). I also drank a lot of hot tea (I couldn't seem to get warm), and I read a little (yes, I'm still reading Harry Potter. As God as my witness, I will finish reading this series. Lol). I've been in such a reading funk lately. I can't seem to get motivated to read anything. :( 
Picture proof that I actually worked out. Also, my favorite tea mug that my sister Martha gave me. And the 5th book in the Harry Potter series.
So, how was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting??



  1. It's funny to see an open pool w/ snow around it. Our pools are all closed up when we get snow!

  2. Love all the pictures of the snow. It's so funny how excited everyone is in Dallas about it. My friend in Dallas was like its so awesome! It is pretty until you have to shovel it! hahha I'm just bitter since we got so much snow this year. lol.