Monday, April 7, 2014

Mobile Monday

A look at what pictures are currently on my iPhone.

A few weeks ago my not-that-much older sister Mary was in town for a visit. We had so much fun (and we didn't get into any trouble!) :) That Friday night we went to see Jeanne Robertson at Bass Hall in Fort Worth. It was a great show! 
Me and my sister!
A view from our seats
Jeanne Robertson is so funny!
A picture at Bass Hall
That Saturday we went to an arts and crafts festival up in Frisco. There were some interesting pieces! A few I actually wanted to buy, but couldn't afford them. It warmed up that afternoon, so we cooled off with snow cones!
I love snow cones. :)
It seems that Pudge and I are quickly becoming BFF's, this is the second tweet of mine that he has favorited in the past month. ;)

Last Thursday we had our first batch of spring storms in north Texas. I'm sure this was just the first of many to come this season.

No, I didn't go out chasing it...this time...

I love watching storms. I was trying to get pictures of the lightning, but that was impossible with my iPhone.
I had a rough afternoon Friday at work, so I started the weekend off with some cheese fries at Snuffer's. It was totally worth the four years that it probably took off my life- they were so good!! 

Saturday afternoon my friend Monica and I went to see Captain America 2. I think I liked it better than the first one (although the first one is still good). I love the Avenger movies. :) After the movie, we stopped for a late lunch. Yes, we saw a movie at the Studio Movie Grill and then ate someplace else. I personally don't think their food is that good there, I usually eat someplace else either before or after the movie.

My weekend of unhealthy eating continued when we polished off an X-large pizza on our own. Don't judge. ;)
Saturday night the BFF and I went to see the Fort Worth Symphony at Bass Hall (my second weekend in a row over in Fort Worth). It was awesome, it was Big Band music, which I love! And the BFF and I had our first Girls Night Out in forever! Her hubby and baby M had a Guys Night In at home. :)

A view from our seats
FINALLY! A picture of me and Brandy. We haven't taken one together in almost a year. I told her it was her fault for a having a cute baby, I always take pictures of him now when we hang out. :) After the symphony we headed over to a burger place for refreshments and some Final Four basketball (we have culture, and are sporty!) :)
With the Final Four in Arlington this year, ESPN was everywhere around the DFW area this weekend.
After Bible study yesterday, I stopped by Half Price Books with a friend from my group (I mean, I was FORCED to go, totally against my will). :) I finally found a book that I have been looking for- it's book one of the Harry Bosch series. The guy at the counter couldn't get the book to ring up, so he gave it to me for $1. Score! :) I possibly also bought 5 other books (all for a $1). I can't pass up $1 books- it's against my nature. :)
I can't wait to start it!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


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  1. How was Captain America? We were going to go see it last night, but weren't able to make it. :(