Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's Baseball Time in Texas!

I've had a busy week, so I haven't had time to post about Rangers Opening Day this past Monday. Despite the loss, I still had a great time tailgating and hanging out with friends! And BASEBALL IS BACK!! I'm in my happy place (visualize me doing a happy dance). :)

Tailgating with my friend Tim (aka Big Brother). 
Me and beks!
Me and the lovely Lyn
So glad I got to see my friend Travis (it seems Opening Day is the only time we hang out).
Michael is quite the ladies man. :)
Patty throws the best tailgating parties ever!
My friend Trish stopped by!
With my baseball homegirls!

View from my seat

Future Hall of Famer Greg Maddux throwing out the first pitch.
My season ticket holder bestie Monica!
The traditional flyover
The new name of the Ballpark- Globe Life Park-I still don't like how it sounds
Chance with his favorite best friend (his exact words)
Former Ranger Michael Young was at the game- he retired earlier this year
This was my 9th consecutive Rangers Opening Day/Home Opener to attend. :) I moved to Dallas in the summer of 2004. 2005 was the only Opening Day I didn't go to (I didn't get a ticket in time). I thought in honor of Throwback Thursday (#TBT to those on social media), I would post some pictures from the past opening day games I've attended.

2006: This is where I learned the hard way that you should ALWAYS take sunblock to a game
2007: It was about 30- something degrees that day. We were freezing!
2008: A warmer Opening Day than the previous year. I will always remember this as the game where my friends and I were in a bad wreck going home. I got to experience my first (and hopefully only) ambulance ride that day.
2009: Another freezing Opening Day! I believe this was the first year the Rangers brought back the red uniforms. 
2010: I'll be honest, none of us dreamed that Opening Day that our team would be playing in the World Series that October!
2011: My first year as a Rangers season ticket holder!
2012: The pain of the 2011 World Series was still fresh, but we were happy that baseball was back!
2013: The year of the "Baseball Town" slogan. :)
Hope you enjoyed a walk down memory lane!! :)


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  1. Yay for baseball season! Go Tigers!

    Um.... I think I just heard you yell at me as you read the comment. ;)