Friday, February 5, 2010


For those of you on Facebook, you know that last week was Doppelgänger week. You were supposed to find your celebrity look-a-like and post a picture of them on your page. Since I have never been told I resembled anyone famous, I didn't upload a picture.

I was reading an article online yesterday about Doppelgängers and how people were uploading pictures of theirs onto Facebook (yes, Facebook statuses are making national news now-kinda scary). They mentioned that there was a website (click here), where you could upload a picture of yourself and it would match you up with your celebrity look-a-like. Of course, I had to try it. I can't say that I agree with my celebrity matches (for some of them, I WISH that I looked like them). I figured I would share it with ya'll!!

My Doppelgängers:

Happy Friday!!


  1. You're one of a kind! That's what I'd say. I especially like the Queen Latifah comparison... I know that there was a soul sister hiding in there somewhere!

  2. But can you do the head side-to-side bobbin' thang???

  3. umm... i did the celeb match and they are jacked up... said i look like john kerry, carson daly, dirk novitsky, pele (really? pele? )...among other wacky randomness. so much for andy garcia!