Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Take You Back...

*DISCLAIMER**: I promise I'm not receiving anything from Jeremy Camp by promoting him so much on my blog. I realize this is like the third time I've posted one of his songs. I just seem to have a lot of his songs on my iPod, which I listen to everyday while driving to and from work. But, if you would like to know more about Jeremy Camp and his music, please go to his website here. :) *DISCLAIMER**

I had a good friend tell me recently, "I'm so glad God is in control of my life and not me." I agree, He is. Of course, being the stubborn, hard-headed person that I am (I know, you are shocked that I could possibly say such things about myself), I tend to forget at times that HE is in control, not me. You think by now I would learn to listen to Him, but no, I go ahead, do it "my way", leaving God up in Heaven shaking his head (and somtimes I'm sure he slaps his hand to his forehead and goes "do'h!") And it always ends the same way. I seem to crawl on my hands and knees back to God saying, "Okay, let's try it your way this time." And even though I screw up, I make mistakes and I don't live my life the way I should, God is ALWAYS there waiting for me, arms wide open. I know, the perfect image you all had of me is vanishing. But it's true. I'm not perfect. There, I said it. "Defriend me" if you must! :) But I was reminded recently that God loves us as we are, not as we should be. Amen to that!!

I heard this Jeremy Camp song earlier today and it made me think of how God is always there, willing to take us back after we "mess up". No matter what. So, of course, I had to share the video with you. I've posted the lyrics below as well!

Take You Back by Jeremy Camp

The reason why I stand

The answer lies in you
You hung to make me strong
Though my praise was few
When I fall I bring your name down
But I have found in you
A heart that bleeds forgiveness
replacing all these thoughts of painful memories
But I know that your response will always be

I'll take you back always
Even when your fight is over now (x2)
I'll take you back always and
Even when the pain is coming through (x2)
I'll take you back

You satisfy this cry
Of what I'm looking for
And I'll take all I can
And lay it down before
The throne of endless grace now that radiates what's true
I'm in the only place that
erases all these faults
That have overtaken me
But I know that your response will always be

I'll take you back always and
Even when your fight is over now(x2)
I'll take you back always
Even when the pain is coming through(x2)
I'll take you back

I can only speak with a grateful heart
As I'm pierced by this gift of your love
I will always bring an offering
I can never thank you enough

You take me back always
Even when my fight is over now (x2)
You take me back always
Even when my pain is coming through(x2)
You take me back (repeat these 5 lines twice)

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  1. Soooo true and soooo good! Our lives would be awful if we were all in control of them. Thank you Lord for taking us back!
    Great song by the way.